Now, you are not only mom or dad, but also responsible for the safety toddler at home.

We advise you to test the security of your accommodation. In fact, many accidents involving babies or young children can be avoided if you secure your accommodation for the children.

1. Remove The Changing Table!

Statistics show that one toddler in two will fall at some point. Depending on the age and the type of fall, your toddler may have serious sequelae. All these accidents happen when parents know perfectly well that you should never leave a baby alone on the changing table and that you should always hold it with one hand. But every day, an accident happens quickly: it is enough that the postman rings at the door or that the baby turns around for the first time while we are looking for a clean body in the drawer. What can I do? You can start by putting the changing table in a corner – so, two of the four sides are already secured. Unfortunately, in practice, most falls occur between the changing table and the person caring for the baby. The safest solution is so simple: remove the changing table! Simply place the changing mattress on the floor.

2.Baby Bath:

In addition to the changing table, a bathtub is also a dangerous place for babies and young children. As everyone knows, it is out of the question to leave the young there unattended. Therefore, before the bath, place all the necessary equipment such as a bath cloth and baby shampoo close to the bath. And for even more security, get in the tub with your baby.

3. Coffee’s No Baby!

After sleepless nights, young parents often have an increased need for caffeine. Caution: never drink a hot drink if your toddler is sitting on your lap or is wearing it in a carrying scarf. The risk of Burns is important, especially if your baby starts catching objects. Place your baby in a safe place before enjoying your cup of coffee or tea.

4. Say Goodbye To The Tablecloths:

As soon as your baby starts to walk on all fours, it is better to remove all the tablecloths for the next one or two years. Four-legged children shoot at everything within reach, including tablecloths with hot soup, a filled teapot or fondue pot. It can be dangerous.

5. You Too, Walk On All Fours:

When your toddler starts to walk on all fours, experience it too. Get down on all fours and walk around your house. From this perspective, check the security of your home: where do you see something dangerous? Are there any unsecured sockets? An easily accessible drawer with knives? Fix it.

6. No Collar :

If you think Amber helps your teeth to come out or if you just find it pretty, you can buy a necklace of amber from your toddler. But you’d rather put it on his wrist. Around the neck, a necklace always presents a strangulation hazard.

7. The Bed Is Not a Playground:

Mezzanine beds are not recommended before the age of six. Despite this, many parents buy mezzanine beds for their young children with a mid-height structure to provide a play area under the mattress. They want to do well, and yet: as soon as the bed is in height, the danger of falling exists. Why not just build a playhouse during the day, for example by hanging large sheets from the dining table? And so, in the evening, the toddler sleeps safely in a normal bed.

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8. Windows Closed Safely:

If you do not live on the ground floor, make sure that your toddler cannot open the windows and doors on the balcony himself. Young children are smarter and faster than you think, and they have no awareness of the danger when they climb onto the railing of a balcony on the third floor.

9. Stay On The Edge Of The Pond:

In the summer, nothing more refreshing than a paddling pool in the garden. But safety is only guaranteed if you keep an eye on your toddler at all times: never leave your toddler unattended, not even for a short time in the laundry room or to look for your mobile phone. Young children drown silently, you can’t hear them, so you have to watch them all the time.

10. Install aa Burning Barrier On The Stove:

It’s true that aesthetically speaking, it’s a nightmare. And that’s for sure, if you live in a rented apartment, you will have to pay for repairs to the holes you have drilled when you leave. But keep in mind that such protection prevents burns of all types. Its installation is therefore highly recommended.

11. Store Properly:

Storage helps to be organized and to prevent the toddler’s access to harmful materials or products. Dangerous and Sharp Objects should always be stored in an inaccessible drawer. In addition, it is advisable to reserve a cupboard in height and equipped with an anti-opening security system for toxic products.

12. Use Protective Accessories:

Protective accessories are tools that enhance safety at home. A barrier can be placed at the kitchen entrance to prevent the baby from entering when the environment is not completely safe. The same barrier can be installed in front of the stairs. For dangerous products, it is advisable to use bottles with an anti-opening safety system and containing Bitrex (a very bitter substance that causes the product to spit out immediately). Thermostatic mixers that allow water to flow only at the desired temperature can be installed on the shower tap. In addition, windows should be equipped with a security system that makes opening them more difficult. It is also advisable to use corner protectors and to fix the furniture on the wall to avoid injuries to children.

13. Preventing Drowning:

It takes only 10 cm of water to cause the baby to drown. This is why you should never leave a toddler unattended in the bath and use a bathtub suitable for toddlers. In addition, it is strongly recommended that a fence with a padlock be installed all around the family pool.

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