22 Weeks Pregnant

We are sure it is getting very busy inside of your belly. You are 22 weeks pregnant, her fast-growing baby is basically taking up her space, to say the least. So it’s hard to hold your breath. The back also hurts, and when your baby grows up, it stretches the belly for up to 22 minutes. Pregnancy week after week stretching is also a fun new journey.

22nd week pregnant signs

22nd Week Pregnant Signs


The most common symptom of 22 weeks of pregnancy should be due to the fact that your baby is holding your entire body. This may include the following symptoms (week 22):

1. Stretch marks

The appearance of these spots expands your skin and is mostly done under the break. Unfortunately, stretch marks do not disappear completely, but they are not noticeable, because the color disappears after childbirth.

2. Outtie belly button

This is another consequence of an increase in the abdomen. It can be a funny feeling. But don’t worry, your publication will return to its former innocence.

3. Increased sexual drive

Some pregnant women note a serious increase in sexual desire in the 22nd century. The specified week of pregnancy. That’s because your hormones are upset at this stage of pregnancy.

4. Increased vaginal discharge

Don’t worry, it’s just the result of increased blood circulation in this area. This may be the reason that other pregnant women do not want to go through this stage of pregnancy, but somehow you need to try to put yourself on this path.

5. Swollen hands or feet

During pregnancy, the amount of water in the body increases. Therefore, a small swelling is completely normal and will disappear immediately after the baby is born. Extreme or abrupt swelling isn’t normal. If you are severely swollen, you should immediately consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of a dangerous pregnancy problem called gestosis.

6. Backaches

Your back hurts because of the pressure from the baby and from carrying around the added weight. A heating pad, a prenatal massage, or sleeping with a body pillow can aid in easing the pain.

7. Hair growth

This is a pretty amazing symptom when your hair is just on your head. You can blame those hormones for having it in the wrong places.

8. Trouble catching your breath

Your baby will continue to fill up your lungs, which makes it pretty hard to breathe sometimes. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take your workouts too hard, and when you feel tired just take a break at the spot.

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22nd Week pregnant tummy

Usually, at 22 weeks of pregnancy (22 weeks of pregnancy) you probably mean weight gain. Your doctor should tell you to keep your weight gain slow and stable, but it’s just a great guide to stay in control. Adding 300 calories doesn’t mean you have to sit next to each other and have a snack. You should consider changing your diet to 5 or 6 small meals. So you can easily turn on a good balanced diet. Reducing the diet often reduces the risk of energy, heartburn, and even indigestion.

22nd Week pregnant ultrasound

22nd Week Pregnant Ultrasound
22nd Week Pregnant Ultrasound

Since your child’s eyes and lips are increasingly molded, the person in question looks significantly progressively like an infant. The normal rest of the child is around 12-14 hours every day. In the event that in the second-trimester ultrasound has not yet been done, at that point this week you have to do it.

This 18-22 week ultrasound will give you a peek of all major fetal organs and any part of the body. She must have shut down the rest of the genetic tests at this stage of pregnancy.

Useful Tips:

– Consider a photographer for pregnancy and childbirth.
– Decide whether to choose a nursery or a nanny.
– Answer all your questions in the second quarter.

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