Although you haven’t met your child yet, he or she will take over your life. Interfere with your dreams. Play with your memory. Although it does give you a stressful headache at 26 weeks pregnant. He or she will do all this even after birth. When they say they only have 9 months to prepare for the baby, we just have to be mentally prepared for the fact that the newborn comes and becomes the center of our attention that the baby grows and buys a car seat and doorman. Still, in the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby gives you some exercises in this area.

26th-week pregnant signs

26 th Week Pregnant Signs 1
26thWeek Pregnant Signs 1

Your 26-week pregnancy sign means you don’t feel comfortable when your baby is growing up and Your body starts making changes to prepare you for childbirth.

Trouble sleeping

The closer to the deadline, the harder it is to take a break. Take care of your caffeine intake, stay hydrated and do exercises to help your body calm down at night.


It may not be swollen, but it is normal that there is mild swelling around the 26th week of pregnancy. However, it is important to pay attention to severe or unexpected swelling, this can be a sign of a dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia.


This is often due to hormonal fluctuations or stress. However, you should also know that you may have a headache if you are hungry or lack hydration, so you should drink at least a few hours a day.

Pregnancy brain

It’s hard to remember, but it can be a physiological symptom of hormonal fluctuations, but it’s also a symptom that you have a lot of thoughts.

Braxton hicks contractions

It is important to note that the stomach sometimes feels too tense and compressed. That’s right, but your muscles will Flex to practice before delivery. Contractions are not stable or severe, but normal. If the contractions are painful or do not stop, tell your doctor that this is a sign of premature birth.

Higher blood pressure

A slight increase in blood pressure is normal at 26 weeks of pregnancy. However, if your doctor finds the gain too high, you can control it more closely. This is due to the fact that diastolic parameters exceeding 140 mm or 90 mm Hg. in hypertension, systolic indicators may be a sign of preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome, but these possible dangerous complications of pregnancy should be treated immediately on the spot.

26th week pregnant tummy

week 26 Pregnant Tummy 1
week 26 Pregnant Tummy 1

By 26 weeks of pregnancy, it should increase from 16 to 22 pounds or from 27 to 42 pounds if twins are pregnant and 26 weeks. When you touch your 26-week-old pregnant belly, your uterus is about 2 inches above your navel. You will see that it is 5 inches. Your belly won’t stop growing for about half an inch every week until the end of the pregnancy.

26th-week pregnant ultrasound

You should have about 2 weeks before your next prenatal appointment, and usually, ultrasound is not done with the 26th week of pregnancy, so your baby is breathing air but not amniotic fluid. This is an incredible exercise for the first moment after birth.

Your child usually prepares your immune system for life outside by absorbing your antibodies. And your baby’s eyes will form, and your eyes will begin to open as quickly as possible.

Useful tips:

– Check your birth.

– Check-in at the hospital.

– Communicate with your favorite child.

– Have a good time with your partner.

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