The 3-month-old baby starts to smile a lot and begins to imitate you. Perhaps you can meet her during the day, Yes, I’m on my way. That’s how she learns to speak! Don’t get too carried away. Baby is a bright and fast student, but you have to keep things clear and simple and recognize when you need a break.

For 3 months, your child has developed a strong bond with you. They will answer you with lots of smiles and they can even answer you in their own way. The worst thing about crying is supposed to be behind.

3-month-old development

At this point the child experiences /emotions/communication. You will react to different expressions, recognize your voice and see it again when you hear it. They can also start laughing and looking around, especially surprised at the fingers and toes.

They smile at strangers and they know how to be a parent. Your brain grows rapidly, and you will begin to recognize people not only by sight and smell but also by voice.

Similarly, they will gurgle a lot and will try to answer you when you talk to them. If you feel hypersensitivity, you can pay attention to what is happening.

From this point on, your child will begin to reach the object as the muscles of the hands and hands develop. They still can’t adjust their hands and eyes, but they try to put things in their mouths.

Physically, your baby has better control of the head movements and starts to hold the head when sitting. Turning the time on them, you can see them roll back, raising their heads or pressing their hands to their chest.

They will wave their arms and legs. Keep them upright on the floor or with your knees resting your feet and you’ll probably push them down with your feet down.

Most likely, if they approach the hanging object, then close their fists and beat him. However, it is also called an object that is captured by the finger, it can be adjusted better.

3-Month-old baby weight & length

The normal weight of the child 3 months – 12. 9 pounds for girls and 14 for children. 1 pound; normal length 23. 5 inches for girls and kids 24. 2 inches

Regardless of whether the child is close to the average or not, it is important that he grows at a healthy pace. He’s probably another 1. Win 5 to 2 pounds, 1 and 1. Grew from 5 inches this month. The size of his head could grow even half an inch.

It is common for children to experience an epidemic of 3 months of development. Signs of developing outbreaks – the presence of a particularly hungry or irritable child.

Baby can Wake up even at night. Don’t worry, the growth of the kidneys temporary! Try not to get too upset about sudden changes, like a child eating, sleeping, or that’s what he or she seems to want.

Five senses

In the first 3 months of life, the child’s feelings quickly improved.

  • This corresponds to the amount that falls into the face that can be recognized now and put a look slightly on communicators that efforts to a woman are urgently needed.
  • Focusing on moving objects.
  • She smiles when she hears your voice.

3-month-old milestones

What should a 3-month-Ood be doing?

  • She starts babbling, imitating some sounds, movements, and expressions.
  • Let your child play on the floor or under the baby’s gym as he likes to beat storms and balance things.
  • The girl has a tummy for 3 months, it is possible to raise the head and chest, support the chest area with her hands.
  • Open and close your palms.
  • When you hold her upright, she pushes her feet off the floor or on her knees.
  • She beats the toy hanging over her.

Consult your doctor or nurse within 3 months:

  • The child does not respond to loud sounds and smiles at the sound of his voice.
  • It does not pursue moving objects with their eyes.
  • The child does not smile in society.
  • Main strike or object to hold.
  • The child does not put hands and devices in the mouth;
  • The baby’s eyes still seem to be crossed most of the time.
  • He/she will not babble.
  • The child does not pay attention to the new face.
  • The child does not press with his feet when standing upright and placed on a flat surface.

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3-mont-old feeding

In the last two months, the baby’s appetite has definitely increased! And she knows how to tell you when she’s hungry. It is obvious that, most likely, you fall into this routine with the power that you know when she’s going to cry from hunger.

How much should a 3-month-old eat?

Bottle feeding: Regularly five ounces about six to eight times a day.

Breastfeeding: lactation at this age is carried out regularly, and the baby during feeding may be slightly different. The important thing is that the baby looks happy, the chest seems empty and the baby is gaining weight in a healthy way.

You can admit that your 3-month-old eats less than she already does. Breast-feeding a baby about half the time it takes to feed a newborn baby is typical of your baby, but if you see all the signs that the baby is eating enough, it’s perfectly normal. If not, it may be a sign of a problem, so consult your doctor.

What can a baby eat this month?

The baby is still ready to eat breast milk or formula milk. Many parents ask if they can give water in their 3 months. Most doctors do not recommend that parents wait about 4-6 months before getting water until the child is ready for solid food.

3-Month-old feeding schedule

3-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

3-month-old sleep

How long do 3-month-olds sleep and nap?

Three-month-old children sleep regularly for about 15 hours, and many of these hours fall at night. In fact, it is normal for a 3-month-old child to sleep at night for about 10 hours, possibly for at least five or six hours. The child is likely to sleep three days for a total of five hours.

How can I get my 3-month-old to sleep?

It’s harder to believe we’re tired of babies actually sleeping! You may have heard the usual advice: keep the room dark and cool, mix the baby and sing to sleep while sleeping, but there are nights when it still happens that nothing works. Try some of the proven tricks of other mothers to calm the fussy baby.

What should my 3-month-old’s bedtime be?

Many experts believe that this is roughly the case, but the ideal sleep time for a 3-month-old child depends on your family’s schedule: 7: 00-9: 00 children start sleeping longer than at night, and at the same time encourage him or her to sleep longer.

Does my 3-month-old have sleep regression?

You can see 3 months of sleep regression. A child may often Wake up at night due to sudden growth, or it may be developed. About 3 or 4 months the child’s brain becomes more alert, and because of this, you will want to use this mental ability more often.

The period of development can last several days, but the true regression of sleep (which usually occurs about the 3-month-old baby) can last from two weeks to six weeks.

3-month-old sleep schedule

3-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

3-mont-old schedule


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