Your 30 weeks pregnant belly is actually doing way more than only making it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Wherever you go, there’s someone that might have a comment about how you look, which isn’t very delightful. With no doubt, you have been through 1 or 2 people who don’t think before they talk and say something hurtful or shameful. Consider not taking those comments literally, thus, you need to know which one you should actually take to heart. Just like when someone tells you that you’re glowing, just believe them. Take advantage of some of the pros.

30th Week Pregnant Signs

30 th Week Pregnant Signs 1

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, your sleep can become a stranger if you really sleep, it can be a hormonal result, but there is definitely a hospital driving test that can, for example, be faster. You will probably stop feeling uncomfortable about public childbirth. Here’s a list of pregnancy signs pretty common for 30 weeks:


If you feel scalded, pay close attention to the type of food that may be causing this. This 30-week sign of discomfort can make it difficult to find sleep, so make sure you avoid as many people as possible before going to bed.

Trouble Sleeping

You’re moving and turning because you can’t find a comfortable position, and also cause your mind is going so fast. It’s such an exhausting cycle that leads to a different issue: absolute fatigue.


It is hard to believe that there was no easy and comfortable position. This is a wear cycle that leads to another problem: absolute fatigue.

General Discomfort

Due to your big belly, your back hurts, your hips ache, and you feel the pain too.

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Shortness Of Breath

Your lungs are filled because your baby is still high near the breast of the breast during the 30 weeks of pregnancy, but you have to go to the pelvis of pregnancy much later.

30th Week Pregnant Tummy

30 th Week Pregnant Tummy 1

You may notice that a pregnant woman has a belly for 30 minutes a week and it’s hard to find a tight fit. At 30 weeks ‘ gestation, Braxton Hicks contractions are still common. These are the ways in which your body will prepare you for the main event that is your work. Braxton Hicks usually occur after exercise or sexual activity, or even when you are tired or without hydration. Now sit down and lie down for good service and choose to drink and relax with plenty of water. If the contractions do not stop, or if you have more than 4 in just one hour, it may be premature birth, so you need to call a doctor.

Don’t worry about weight gain. The extra pounds you had will act as a bag to help you breastfeed your baby. Do not be sad for them or hurry to remove them, it is possible that it took him 9 months to gain weight, which means keeping his eyes open with the help of weights, and with a sharp increase, there is a possible sign of pregnancy-weight preeclampsia.

During a 30-week pregnancy, your baby’s position is still at the forefront. Your child at 30 weeks is so comfortable swimming in a pint of amniotic fluid. It may be crowded, but it still has room to move. In the coming weeks, your belly will grow even higher than your chest to accommodate your baby.

30th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

30 th Week Pregnant UltraSound

If you have an easy pregnancy, you might not need to have a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound. This, if you could see what your baby is up to, here’s what you might find: Your 30-week baby’s skin is now getting pretty smooth, but his or her brain is getting wrinkly, that’s to make the path for all that needed brain tissue. Your baby at 30 weeks is now strong enough to move a finger. That’s a skill he or she will for sure use after giving birth.

If you are pregnant with twins, so far, your twins might have been growing at the same speed as any other babies in the utero. Yet, at times, between now and week 32, they could slow down a notch.

Around week 30 of pregnancy with twins, your doctor might request a biophysical profile to take it off your babies.

Useful Tips:

– Schedule your prenatal medical visits for 32 weeks.
– Surgery in the hospital.

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