Do you think your baby’s 5 senses are fully developed from the 31 weeks pregnant? Your child is also getting smarter. On the one hand, you may feel a little silly, but you don’t. Only many expectant mothers know that in the 3rd trimester they act without a heart. Some argue that pregnancy in the brain is not a real fact. Therefore, at this time, there is every reason to forget a lot during the 31st week of pregnancy.

31st Week Pregnant Signs

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31st Week Pregnant Signs

Starting at the 31st week of pregnancy, you are likely to feel many of the same signs you have already experienced. Some get worse and others can be tolerant. There are the most common signs of pregnancy at 31 weeks:

Shortness Of Breath

When you start having problems, the movement becomes heavy and you feel that the breathing becomes shorter. Remember that you are not pushing yourself above the norm. It’s good that you and your child do some exercises.

Dry, Brittle Nails

Your nails will dry and break easily. Some moms have successfully used the moisturizer for cuticles. It can also be the perfect excuse for Mani-Pedi and Spa days.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

To reduce the discomfort of Braxton Hicks, drink plenty of water and change your posture more often. This will prevent exercise contractions from turning into real preterm labor. If you have certain pregnancy problems, or if you are 31 weeks pregnant with Twins, you are at a higher risk of preterm birth.

Leaky Boobs

This yellow liquid is your baby’s first food, called colostrum, as your body prepares for a great event.

Frequent Urination

Your bladder is as full as your lungs. There’s nothing I can do about it, you can mentally plan your daily toilet break.


Make sure you hold the stretch to relieve back pain. This maternity yoga class will help you.

Trouble Sleeping

By the 31st week of pregnancy, she had to increase from 21 to 27 pounds. If you are pregnant with a twin for 31 weeks, you will probably be around 27 to 42 pounds.

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31st Week Pregnant Tummy

31 th Week Pregnant Tummy 1
31st Week Pregnant Tummy

Your pregnant belly for 31 weeks will bother you to do this as it is like furiously drooling shoes.

31st Week Pregnant Ultrasound

31 th Week Pregnant UltraSound

Week 31 days of the baby develop the brain and nerves. His eyes are also developing. In fact, the child’s 5 senses are in your way of working.

Women who have pregnancy problems, such as gestational diabetes or who are 31 weeks pregnant with Twins, should go through 31 weeks to make sure the baby feels good.

As we all know, basically the death of any child like no other during the 31 weeks of pregnancy. Some future curious parents chose 3D / 4D ultrasound during pregnancy later, especially somewhere between 24 and 32 weeks.

3D / 4D ultrasound allows you to see the entire surface of the child’s face in one image. This actually means you can blink for 31 weeks and suck your thumb, as well as smile or frown.

There are medical conditions that may require 3D/4D ultrasound at 3 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, if your doctor does not require it, you have the opportunity to do it in an independent imaging center. In this case, 3D/4D ultrasound is an important process, but insurance does not cope with it, and you have to pay out of pocket.

Useful Tips:

– You’re for your newborn.
– Consider the symptoms of preterm birth.
– Don’t forget to take care of your baby.
– Order a book on childcare.

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