We advise you to take a breath at 33 weeks pregnant. It may be hard to handle all the boats around the world, but in my heart, I also feel depressed and depressed. Be on your son’s side 33rd week of pregnancy is a good time to start packing your hospital bag. You can also read about postpartum care and provide your first aid kit with the necessary care for beginners. This way, you won’t be able to see your child for another month, but if you arrive early, you’ll be asked if you have hemorrhoid cream at home.

33rd Week Pregnant Signs

33 th Week Pregnant Signs 1
33rd Week Pregnant Signs

Signs of 33 weeks of pregnancy are so annoying. That’s how you will feel this week.


As your metabolism increases significantly, you will feel overheated as a future mother.


Hormonal fluctuations occur at 33 weeks. Stress and dehydration can also be like that, so try to slow down by drinking plenty of water. It is worth every time to go to the women’s room.

Shortness Of Breath

At this time, you can get used to not being able to catch your breath, especially if you are 33 weeks pregnant with twins. Or, if you are another pregnant mom, it may happen several times, so it may happen soon.

Forgetfulness And Clumsiness

This is an Unidentified phenomenon, also known as the child’s brain. Your forgetfulness may not be a physiological change, but stress and anxiety from having a baby in less than 2 months.

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33rd Week Pregnant Tummy

33 th Week Pregnant Tummy
33rd Week Pregnant Tummy

In 33 weeks of pregnancy, If you can increase from 22 to 28 pounds in total, let’s say there is no concept of 32 twins to look so feminine that some pregnant mothers feel an extra curve-tens of thousands of pregnancies.

If you feel your stomach Contracting more often, you may have Braxton Hicks contractions. Hickey Braxton does not hurt and usually occurs after intercourse or exercise.

They are very different from the usual fights, so quit Smoking when changing positions. Real contractions continue, but they last at least 5 hours, so she can have a real birth. It’s still early, but now, having real contractions can be seen as premature birth.

Some problems and conditions may make preterm birth more sensitive and may also add fluid to the fetus by dehydration or pregnant twins 33.

Colic should be a sign of premature birth, as 33 weeks of pregnancy You have monthly. Therefore, there may also be vaginal bleeding, abnormal secretion, or loss. At 33 weeks of pregnancy, pelvic pressure can also be a sign. Open your eyes to these symptoms. If you are concerned, empty the bladder, Lie on your left side, drink plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.

33rd Week Pregnant Ultrasound

33 th Week Pregnant UltraSound
33rd Week Pregnant Ultrasound

She also had an ultrasound on the 33rd day of pregnancy, and the child woke up with his eyes open. The child must be balanced breath to absorb and swallow, an important ability to remove. Your 33-week-old’s bones are getting hard. Brain development and boys or girls.

Ultrasound of pregnancy at 33 weeks can be carried out within the biophysical profile. This test can be performed in the second trimester for high-risk patients and after 40 weeks for women who exceed their due date. Ultrasound will show the movements of the child for 33 weeks, breathing, muscle tone and the amount of amniotic fluid. The other part of the BPP actually changes how your child’s heart rate is measured when you move, or Vice versa.

Useful Tips:

– Pack your hospital bag.
– Preparation for postnatal care.
– There is all the information about the resources of the hospital.

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