Now your child probably only needs one nap a day or no nap at all. However, a calm and relaxing time in the afternoon can do him good, even if he does not sleep. At this age, your child needs a little privacy, and an hour or two to relax can help him be calmer and feel more comfortable.

It is natural for your child to be interested in the differences between girls and boys. If you catch your son playing doctor with the little neighbor, try not to look shocked or embarrassed. Simply explain to both children that the private parts are personal and invite them to play something else. They will probably be relieved because even at such a young age, children already know instinctively that what is hidden under clothing must remain there.

How to adapt to your toddler’s games?

Your child knows how to focus on one activity and develops social skills that are increasingly complex. He will soon be able to play structured games with other children, such as hide-and-seek and perched cat.

Parental tip: toddler’s sleep schedule

“Do not think that taking a nap off your child will make him sleep better in the evening, on the contrary, he will be more angry at night when falling asleep.”

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35-Month-old sleep schedule

35-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
35-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

How can my toddler sleep later in the Morning?

How Can My Toddler Sleep Later in The Morning?

How Can My Toddler Sleep Later In The Morning?

Many parents complain that their toddler wakes them up too early in the morning. There are two scenarios: either your toddler wakes up when he has not slept enough, or he has slept enough but he wakes up too early for your taste.

To find out if your child has slept enough, watch his behavior during the day:

Does he look tired?

Does he need a nap for an hour or two after waking up in the morning?

Remember that a toddler often needs at least 11h of sleep a night.

If your baby wakes up before finishing the night, try to see if something makes him sleep or wakes him up and try to fix it. If daylight illuminates his room at 6 am, for example, install curtains or blinds. In case of leakage problem, choose super absorbent layers specially designed for the night.

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If your toddler wakes up early in the morning and you think he needs more sleep, make sure he can go back to sleep easily. Children who need the presence of their parents to fall asleep at night also often ask for their presence in the morning. Try to put in good sleep habits at night so that your child sleeps later in the morning.

If your child is in good shape around 5.30 am, at 6 am, he will probably go to bed around 7 pm, 7.30 pm. This is the minimum for a toddler. With some children, going back to bedtime can help. Conversely, other children will sleep later in the morning if you put them to bed earlier. Your toddler can have trouble sleeping if he is very tired when you put him to bed.

Tip for the 35-old-months

Learning to Clean: What works and what does not work!

Even if there is no precise age for a toddler to be ready to begin learning potty, most toddlers will acquire physical and cognitive maturity between the age of 18 and 24 months.

Take Your Time

Mastering the different stages of pot learning can take a long time. Yes, some children will be clean in a few days, but others will need several weeks or even months, especially to acquire night cleanliness.

Do not push your child to go too early on the pot. Let him take his time and get used to this new and complicated process step by step. He will go through the steps one after the other in due course. Of course, it is perfectly normal to try to arouse interest by discreet reminders, stories, and encouragement. If it hangs, do not insist.

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Prepare the right method

Before buying a potty for your child, it may be wise to organize this learning. Decide when and how you want to start, what means you plan to use, how you will deal with accidents, when you will not insist, etc. Talk to your pediatrician and other parents. Once you have decided on the right method, make sure you stick to it and that other caretaker will follow it as well (with the exception of unexpected setbacks, of course).

Praise your child

Throughout the learning process, your child will expect encouragement from you for this new skill. Do not disappoint him. As soon as he takes a step or tries to use his pot (even if he can not do it completely), tell him he is very strong and you are proud of him. Do not overdo it either!

Accept small accidents

Each child will experience several small accidents before being clean day and night. Don’t get to the point of getting mad at him or even punishing him. After all, it’s been a short time since his muscles managed to close his bladder and rectum. Mastering this process takes time. In case of an accident, wipe it calmly and suggest that you use it next time.

Baby is celebrating its 35 months this month and, as it approaches its three years, it becomes more and more difficult to cope with its whims.

Awakening, development, and growth of the 35-month-old baby.

Toddler - Month 35

At 35 months, the baby knows exactly who he is. He has become aware that he is an individual, who must be respected and listened to. To assert yourself, your little one tends to make huge quirks, and this, repeatedly. Although he is generally obedient at times, he is intractable with you and does not understand that his entourage is not doing what he claims. As a result, it stings monumental crises and can remain a very long time butting on its positions. To calm him down, listen to what he has to say to you, but stay firm against his anger.

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On the other hand, the baby’s taste for music is growing, and besides singing his favorite songs, he also loves musical instruments or listening to his favorite CDs. Do not hesitate to invest in a small CD player, that your child can use alone. He will be able to listen to music whenever he wants and will become a little more independent.

35-Month-old baby’s diet

At the height of 35 months, the baby can now go to the restaurant with the whole family while finding small dishes adapted to his needs. Nevertheless, some restaurants are still to be avoided such as seafood restaurants for example. Indeed, the latter have risks of listeriosis and are strongly discouraged before the age of 5 years. Thus, mussels, oysters and all other raw shellfish are to be avoided for the moment. So remember to check the menu of a restaurant before taking your little family.

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35-Month-old feeding schedule

35-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

35-month-old baby’s health

At 35 months, the baby seems hyperactive. He is always very busy and continues to multiply activities. So much so that he is reluctant to take a nap. For him, this is mostly a waste of time. If a baby has bad nights, nightmares or night fears, nap time is important for him, helping him recover from his lack of sleep.

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