You’re ready as you’ll ever be. By 35 weeks pregnant, some pregnant women feel as if they have loads of stuff you have left to do before your baby’s arrival. While others could barely wait for the baby to make his or her upcoming debut.

In any way, do not try to make yourself stressed, your baby will come out when he or she’s ready, and would not care if you have not checked off every detail off of your list. As long as you have got a sound place for your baby to sleep and obviously a child car seat for the ride home, if you have them, you already have gathered your baby’s basic needs.

35th Week Pregnant Signs

35 th Week Pregnant Signs 1
35th Week Pregnant Signs 1

As you are closing up your 8th month, you’re mostly feeling some of these 35 weeks pregnant signs:

Frequent Urge To Pee

Your bladder is constantly being pressed on my baby, who’s definitely sitting very low in your pelvis while getting ready for birth. Don’t let the added trips to the bathroom stop you from drinking loads of water though, as we all know, dehydration can put you at risk for preterm labor, so drink up your water intake.


Make sure to get loads of fiber in your diet. If you have tried everything and you’re still struggling with constipation, ask your doctor if you are allowed to digest a fiber supplement.

Aches And Pains In The Hips And Pelvis.

When you’re dealing with their discomfort, check the bright side, that showcases that it is a sign your body is getting ready to deliver your baby. Therefore, all of this pain, in fact, has a purpose. Your ligaments are loosening in order for your baby could make his or her way out of your uterus and throughout the world.

Braxton Hicks Contractions.

At 35 weeks pregnant, you might have noticed a heightened amount in the number of contractions you’re going to have. It’s sort of crazy how tough your tummy could get. So keep a close eye on those contractions, so relax when you get them and drink plenty of water.

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35th Week Pregnant Tummy

35 th Week Pregnant Tummy 1
35 th Week Pregnant Tummy 1

Your baby is growing nonstop and so are you. By now that you have gotten to 35 weeks in the pregnancy, your uterus has grown to around 1000 times than the original size, which is a number that could sound huge to everyone else, yet to you, it must be feeling incredible. You could expect to gain about a half-pound each week until your birthing day.

35 weeks pregnant is a great time to check out the signs of labor. You might believe this is too early, yet around 11 percent of mothers to be with one child do give birth prematurely when moms who are 35 weeks pregnant with twins are almost considered fully done at this stage. Here are the signs of actual labor:

Water Breaking.

You’ll know your water has broken if you start experiencing something that looks less like discharge and more as a flow of water. It could happen in a big rush or in a slow-motion that seriously keeps on coming back.

Painful Contractions

Those Braxton Hicks are nothing compared to real contractions. If in a sudden you’re feeling pain in your 35 weeks pregnant belly or back, instead of some gentle tightness, then that means that would be the right time.

Regular Contractions.

True contractions happen frequently and do not stop, they will keep getting more and more regular and very painful. Your doctor will mostly tell you at which point to call her and inform her about your contractions. A great move is to call when contractions are around 5 minutes apart for a very first time pregnancy.

35th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

35 th Week Pregnant UltraSound
35th Week Pregnant UltraSound

Your baby’s hearing is now completely developed, and your 35-week baby is into the high pitch noises.

This week or the next one, you might have a Group B Strep Test. For it, your doctor will take a swap-test of your vaginal area and rectum and send it to be tested for bacteria called Group B Strep. This bacteria is typical and is not going to actually make you sick, yet it would be harmful to the baby if he or she is facing it at birth, thus, the fact of knowing if you have it is pretty crucial. So if you do, you will be advised to take antibiotics during birth to decrease any exposure, and that’s about it. Easy breezy.

Useful Tips:

– Get ready to tell everyone about your baby’s arrival.

– Acknowledge the signs of labor.

– Put important numbers into speed dial on your phone.

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