5 Baby-Proof Safety Triggers

You’ll be surprised to know what is actually dangerous for kids in your home. Here’s a checklist of 5 safety factors that can be deadly.

1. Dishwashers

Dishwashers allow kids to have easy access to knives or forks. The soap could damage your kid’s skin and eyes and could even burn the line of her mouth. It’s extremely irresponsible and dangerous.

Consider pointing knives, forks, and any sharp item upside down in the items basket. Don’t fill up with soap until you’re just about to put the load in, also, wipe all the leftovers after every cycle. Consider also replacing the cap on the bottle so tight, and save it in a locked place.

1. Dishwashers

2. Latex balloons

Latex balloons are seriously one the worst to choke on cause they could adapt to a kid’s throat and block breathing completely which could result in death.

Make sure that you always supervise your kids while playing with latex balloons, and don’t you ever allow either biting or even chewing on balloons.

Don’t let your kids blow up latex balloons until they reach 8 years old, then watch them carefully to be sure that they don’t inhale one and end up in the emergency room.

2. Latex balloons

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3. Kitchen gadgets

So be sure that gadgets that are standing still or that slide in can range are usually installed with the brackets that have anti-tip that actually secure the legs to the floor. Manufacturers are needed to provide the brackets on ranges that were actually made after 1991, but, you could get in touch with the company for special parts, or even purchase them from an appliance store.

So; keep the oven door closed when you’re not using it and don’t ever allow your child to lean or climb on the gadgets or the oven door.

4. Bath seats and rings

Bath seats and rings could aid a baby in sitting up in the tub, therefore, they could be a drowning mistake as when you leave babies alone for even a few moments, the cups on the bottom could without any notice release and enable them to move over or slide between those legs and become basically stuck underwater.

So keep in mind that you always need to stay in the arm’s length when your baby is in the tub, and be also sure about other caregivers that should be doing the same.  

4. Bath seats and rings

5. Pocketbooks and purses

Notebooks and handbags, Every bag, every backpack, or suitcase that someone brings you home may contain items that make your child dependent, suffocate, or injure, such as drugs or money exchange, I’m going to needle baby safety, nail scissors, and matches.

So consider that when your friends and family pay you a visit, then place purses and luggage in a closet or a room where your child would not be able to reach them.

5. Pocketbooks and purses

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