5 Important Things You Must Know About Skincare

There are many things you must know about skincare including skincare tips, tricks, and hacks as well as a plethora of best skincare products all promising the best for your skin. But no matter how great they are if your basic skincare tips are harming your skin, then it defeats the purpose. Although it sounds cliché, truthfully, when we get to understand more about basic beauty guidelines, you will realize that they are very important.

And so, we have listed the top 5 beauty rules that almost beauty experts and dermatologists has told us that we MUST do. If you make sure you follow these beauty skincare facts, sure you will notice a big difference. 

1. Always double Cleanse.

Do you want to know why? Double cleansing is washing your face twice because one wash is not enough. If you wear heavy makeup or not, double cleansing is very important to wash away all the makeup, grime, dirt and pollution that stuck on your skin. Only surface dirt will be removed if you just wash your face once, but with second cleanse it penetrates the pores, getting rid of any sebum and leftover makeup and dirt. Also, this means that your next skincare routine steps can enter your skin better.

2. Know how to layer products correctly.

Why? Improper skincare layering means that some of the best skincare products won’t be able to penetrate your skin correctly. Like for example, if you put moisturizer before eye cream since moisturizers contain occlusive (ingredients that produce a skin barrier), the effective ingredients in the eye cream wouldn’t be able to absorbed by your skin well and work its magic. Give some time for the skincare products to be absorbed by the skin before applying the next product which can avoid them from pilling. Never use too much product. It is a wrong assumption that the more you apply, the better, yet, this will cause them to accumulate and possibly rub off.

3. What’s your skin type?

Why? Knowing what your skin needs, means that you can find and use the best skincare products 2019 that is effective for your skin. Every skin is unique and though it varies after some time, there are specific ‘skin type’ groups you can employ as standards to help you find out the skincare and best skincare brands 2019 for you. Whether your skin is acne-prone, oily, dry, normal or aging, you must use different products. You might be a couple of these – both sensitive and acne-prone, aging and dry or oily and acne-prone. Also, you may be oily in the summer and dry in the winter, which is why you must change your skincare when winter hits.

4. Exfoliate.

Regular exfoliation is another best skincare tip and this means, once a week, will help remove the dead skin cells that obstruct your pores and stimulate skin cell renewal. Not only it will clean up dead skin and grime and dirt that can cause blackheads and pimples, but it will also help brighten your skin complexion and allow for other best skincare products 2019 for acne to be absorbed by the skin deeper. Exfoliators such as AHAs or (glycolic acid), can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

5. SPF is a must.

Did you know skincare facts? If you think that burning the skin is the only damage that the sun can do to the skin, then think again. The truth is, it’s destroying the skin, and this is no drama. 90% of how the skin ages are because of sun exposure.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun have two types – UVA and UVB and it’s very important to protect the skin from both. UVA rays which are believed the more dangerous kind of sun ray as these enter the skin deeper. The skincare truths are it causes lasting damage such as skin cancer, wrinkles, the damage of collagen and sagging skin. UVA can enter through the cloud and glass, and this is the reason why we must wear SPF every day and why we need a sunscreen that contains a UVA 3-star score or higher. UVB, on the other hand, is what causes us sunburn, skin cancer, and skin discoloration and this is what SPF shields us from. These are the factors why we can never have perfect skin.

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