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7 Actionable Tips to Remember Which Breast You Last Fed On

Moms who are breastfeeding their babies are no brainer alternating their breasts for the milk session. You must recall which breast you last used to feed your baby so next time; you offer a new breast with a full supply. However, can you always remember which breastfeeding side your baby consumed? If you have a concern determining to breastfeed which side to start, you’re in the right article!

The following are the 7 actionable tips to remember which breast you last fed on:

Use a Special Bracelet

The market offers different kinds of special breastfeeding bracelets for all moms. Most of them are made from silicone and to identify what side you last use for your baby, you just need to switch side.

Moms can also use a traditional bracelet that she can transfer from one hand to another after every session. But choose bracelet materials that are safe for you and the baby.

Try Safety Pin 

You can clasp a pin to your bra on the breastfeeding side. You must transfer the pin on the side of every nursing session to know which side to start another time.

Also, you can use some other things such as a nursing reminder clip or ribbon. Try something that you are accustomed to using. 

Put Ring on a Finger

Are you a fashionable mom? Do you like wearing jewelry? If so, use a ring to remind you of breastfeeding start with the last breast. You can use the ring like the way you use the bracelet. Put it on your left or right finger, depending on which breastfeeding side your last use. 

Use a Scrunchie

Is wearing a bracelet bothers you? Why not try using the hair scrunchies? This can be an excellent way of breastfeeding which side to start next, as all you need to do is put the scrunchie on the wrist every you feed your baby.

Be sure to use one that doesn’t give you some unfriendly sensations like the scrunchie on your wrist is too tight.

A Thing to Remember

You can put some reminders in the spot where you breastfeed your baby. Your thing to remind could be some blanket, bib or clothes. For example, put it on the left or right side of where you have the milking session. Or, you can use a pillow to specify which breastfeeding side you would use next.

Download a Phone App

We’re living in a modern world where smartphones are our lives. So, download a breastfeeding reminder app that can help remind you which breastfeeding side to use the next time. Also, the app will help you with other aspects such as breastfeeding time, time of diaper change, control of height and weight and more.

Create a Baby Journal

Your baby journal is the perfect method for those moms that like writing everything down. Hence, you can think of all the useful information about your babies such as naps, breastfeeding side and time, stool changes and some other things.

Therefore, there are many ways that you can practice helping you remind which breastfeeding side you last had for your baby. You just choose what suits you as a breastfeeding mom.


These 7 breastfeeding tips are what you need to consider. You can try them and see if they fit your feeding needs or you can also come up with your special way to know when to switch sides breastfeeding and monitor your milking session. But the most important thing to take note of is to do what works best for you and your baby.

If you have concerns or questions about how to nurse your baby, changing breasts, milk supply, or baby’s health, consult with your baby’s doctor for recommendation and assistance.

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