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7 Effective Ways on How to Deal with an Angry Baby

Knowing how to deal with an angry baby is a challenging task for parents. And in some cases, even the smallest children seem to have a constant supply of rage in them. Baby gets frustrated easily. They shout. They even become more aggressive. Worse, they blow up over minor events.

Why is my baby so angry? If you have a kid whose angry outbursts has become a serious problem, it’s crucial to teach him the abilities to manage his feelings in a healthier way. Here are the 7 effective ways to help parents on how to deal with an angry baby.

1. Educate your kid about feelings

Baby gets frustrated easily when they don’t know their feelings, or they are not able to express them. A kid who can’t express, “I’m angry,” may express to you that he’s mad by lashing out. Or a toddler who can’t say that he’s unhappy may act up to steal your attention.

Start educating your kid simple feeling words like happy, sad, or scared. Brand your child’s emotions for him by expressing “It’s like you feel very angry.” After a while, he’ll understand and know his emotions.

2. Design an anger thermometer

This tool helps your children identify the warning signals that their anger is growing. Make a big thermometer on a paper. Begin at the bottom with 0 and fill in the number until 10, which should be at the top of the anger thermometer

3. Create a plan to help your kids relax

Instruct kids what to do when “my child gets upset easily.” Instead of throwing blocks when they are frustrated with a smack their sister when they are bored, teach them good ways that help manage their emotions.

Instead, they can go to their own room for several minutes to cool down when they start to become angry. Urge your kid to read a book, color or participate in other exciting activities until they are happy again to go back to their activity.

4. Educate specific anger management methods

Teaching specific anger management methods is among the effective ways on how to control aggressive child behavior. For example, taking deep breaths can help relax the mind and body of a kid when he’s angry.  Taking a neighborhood walk, counting 1 to 10 or repeating good words can also help.

Instruct different other skills like self-discipline and impulse self-control skills. Mad kids need fair attention to coaching to teach them to exercise those abilities when they are angry.

5. Ensure anger tantrums aren’t continuing

Some children show furious outbursts because they think it’s an effective way to get what they want. If a baby gets frustrated easily and her parents or caregiver offer him a toy to calm her, she’ll understand that anger outbursts are effective.

6. Follow up with penalties when needed 

Constant discipline is needed to help your kid understand that anger or disrespectful attitude is not okay and not acceptable. If your kid breaks your rules, follow it up with a sentence each time.

Taking away their privileges is an excellent discipline method on how to deal with an angry baby. If your kid breaks a toy when he’s mad, request him to fix or make him do the house chores to help earn money for the repairs. Don’t allow him to bring back his privileges until he fixes his toy for example.

 7. Avoid harsh media

If you’re wondering like “why is my baby so angry”, showing him violent shows on TV is a big NO and it will never help. Don’t let your kids witness aggression and instead, give him books, expose him to interesting games and shows that teach healthy conflict solution skills.

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