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7 Recommended Crocodile Creek Puzzles

7 Recommended Crocodile Creek Puzzles

As soon as kids are already learning and exploring the world they’re living in, they are already fond of games and puzzles. Parents love giving their children some game puzzles to enhance and train their little brains. Crocodile creek puzzles are amazing toys for this regard. There are so many available selections of these puzzles online and in the department stores. To help parents decide on what’s best for their kids and what suits them well, here are some suggestions and well-picked selections of crocodile creek puzzles:

Crocodile CreekThirty-Six Ocean 100Piece Jigsaw Puzzle in Canister Puzzle

This puzzle size is 14 inches long and 19 inches high. It has a naming sheet for every animal featured. Every animal is listed in four different languages. This is a nice interaction between parents and kids and a good bonding idea for them. It is a learning activity for your little ones and a fun time for sure. The puzzle pieces are made of strong and high-quality cardboards that cannot be easily torn or broken. The prints are soy-based inks as well. The colors are bright and have a nice texture to it. Kids and parents will definitely love playing this puzzle. 

Crocodile Creek Day at Museum Dinosaur-PieceJigsawFloor Puzzle (48), Blue/Green/Orange/Red/Pink, 18″ x 24″

This puzzle is packaged in a nice and clever shaped. It is shaped like a museum box. The finished puzzle is 18 inches by 24 inches in size. This puzzle is surely fun and entertaining for families. The puzzle pieces are made of high-quality and premium materials and the prints are soy-based inks so you can trust the outstanding quality. This puzzle can enhance hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills as well. Kids and even parents will have a great time playing with these puzzles. If you are looking for a bonding game with your kids and at the same time make them learn something, this is a fine way to do it. 

Crocodile Creek Woodland BirthdayBear 24Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The finished puzzle size is 15″ long x 11″ high. These puzzles are fit and work well for kids ages 3 and up. This enhances and improves the problem-solving skills and motor skills of your little one. The puzzles are made of nice and strong quality materials designed to last for a long time. It has a beautifully illustrated artwork on both the storage box and the puzzle pieces as well. 

Crocodile Creek – Barnyard – Mini Jigsaw Puzzle, 24Piece, for Kids Ages 3 Years& Up

This 24-piece puzzle is very detailed and encourages hand and eye coordination. It’s suitable for kids ages 3 and up. It has big puzzle pieces that are fitting for little fingers. It’s great for learning and having fun. The durability is great because it is made of strong and high-quality recycled cardboards. The pieces are wonderfully illustrated with some elephants, circus tent and a performer. It uses soy-based inks as well. The storage is also uniquely shaped that adds attraction to the puzzle. The puzzle is assembled, its size is 12 inches long and 9 inches high. 

Crocodile Creek – World MapJigsaw Puzzle and Matching Poster – 200-pieces

This 200-piece puzzle, when put together, can create a beautiful map with wonderfully detailed illustrations of continents. The assembled puzzle is 19 inches wide and 13 inches high. It is suitable for kids ages 6 and up since it is a lot. The 200 pieces are thick material that creates a very nice play environment suitable for kids. When you are finished playing, the strong and sturdy cardboard canister with rope handle makes it easy to store and clean up. The prints are beautifully illustrated as well. For parents who are looking for a more level up kind of crocodile creek puzzle, this is a nice puzzle. It is upgraded to a more difficult round compare to ages 3 and up so this is an exciting puzzle for kids ages 6 and up. They will surely love it along with the parents as well. 

Crocodile Creek 4185-4 Four SeasonsEarly Learning Puzzle (24 Piece), Green/Blue/Red/Pink

The assembled puzzle has an 18 inches and 24 inches size. The puzzle pieces are made of high-quality and strong board materials. It will not be easily torn. It is also printed using soy-based inks that have bright and lasting colors. The puzzle trains problem-solving skills for kids. It is ideal for bonding time with parents because parents can enjoy and learn as well. This puzzle needs child and adult interaction so it is good quality time with kids. Inside the cover, it also includes a guide to help the kids learn about colors, numbers, and shapes. 

Crocodile Creek – Horses – 100Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with Educational Animal Finder Sheet for Kids Ages 5 & Up

The finished puzzle has a size of 14 inches long and 19 inches high. It comes with some sheets that have animal names in them. This is a good game for parents and kids because each of them can participate. The puzzles are designed for kids that still need to learn and explore. It has nicely illustrated and colorful pieces and a board. When ready for storage, it also has a sturdy and strong canister for the pieces to be kept. 

The 7 recommended and great selections of the best crocodile creek puzzles above are suggestions for you to review and see what you want to buy. Of course, it depends on the need and preference of your child so that he will be happy to play in it. The important thing is that he is able to play, have fun and learn. The parents as well had a nice time to bond with their growing baby. We hope that you get the puzzle that suits your kids and your family!

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