Kids are as smart as adults. Many parents are underestimating the capacity of what a child can do. There are studies that show that the only difference between a child and an adult is an experience. When we see a child capable of doing things only grownups can do, we are shocked. In fact, that child has been taught to do things; it is simple as that. In this article, I will state some steps to follow in order to make your kid acquire some skills.

Giving Your Kid Self-Confidence.

Giving your kid self-confidence

The most important thing which can make your kid aware of his abilities is that you make him self-confident. When you teach her\him anything, say encouraging words such as bravo and well-done. That makes her\him confident, pushing her\him towards doing more difficult things. But we have to know the difference between self-confidence and self-confidence. So that to avoid such a negative quality, you have to always praise the things she\he has done rather than to praise the kid in her\himself. This way you are giving space for the ability of learning and developing rather than space for the ego to grow.

Enhancing The Memory Of Your Kid

Enhancing the Memory of your Kid

In order to teach your kid skills which can help her\him the rest of her\his life, you have to first make her\him aware of the power of memory. Start repeating things for your baby since the early months of birth; things such as “dad” and “mom”, numbers and especially positive statements. For example, you can keep saying to your baby “I love you”, which is helpful on many different levels. This kind of positive phrases indoctrinates the moral values in your baby, making her\him grow in a healthy atmosphere. Memory is the platform on which all the other skills are built.

Raising The Sense Of Responsibility In Your Kid

Raising the Sense of Responsibility in your Kid

Most researchers advise parents to start teaching their kids how to do the thing on their own. You have to start giving easy tasks to your kid as a game. For example, you give her\him something to deliver to mom. As a further step, teach her\him how to clean his hands. These might seem easy things to do, but they are beneficial on the level of start lower to reach higher”. Step by step your kid will be aware of the responsibilities which lie upon her\his shoulder so she\he can be independent as younger as possible.

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Making Her\His Own Breakfast

Making her\his Own Breakfast

Statistics show that 15 percent of 3 to 5 years-old kids can make their own breakfast in the use. This means that it is just a matter of being aware of that your kid can handle such a thing. This also means that if we all taught our kids to make their breakfast, then they can make it alone. This does not mean that you have to teach her\him how to make boiled eggs or pancake for breakfast. Rather, it means that you have to show them how to pour milk on cornflakes to know that it is something they could make.

Physical Effort

Physical effort

A kid wants always to play and run all around a squire whether she\he is home or out. We have to use this to her\his benefit. Playing with your kid different games improves her\his physical strength and help her\him building muscles. In addition, you have to know what kind of games which catch the attention of your kid. If, for example, she\he loves playing football, you have to create more space for football rather than other games. This way you are allowing your kid to choose what she\he likes. Who knows!! She\he could be professional one day.

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

Planting a seed and watching grow helps your kid on many different levels. It teaches her\him how to be patient about long term goals. You have to start doing something now, but the results will only be met in time. There is “The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids”, which I recommend for you to teach you kid such a great skill.

Kids And Technology

Kids and Technology

In our era, there is no escape from technology. It is everywhere in almost all fields. It has become an obligation to interact with technological tools every day. That is why you have to show your kid important things about how to deal with technology. Kids are smart and they can handle themselves if you provide them with the right information in the right time. You start by showing them how to surf the net, how to use YouTube and so on and so forth. Of course, you have to be careful about the content of the videos they are watching; it is an obligation to have seen the videos your kid is watching so that she\he does not encounter violent scenes for example. I repeat: You have to control what your kid is watching and what websites they are navigating.

Wrapping a Gift

Wrapping a Gift

In our culture, we always give and receive gifts. There are birthdays, Christmases and many other events which require us to deal with presents. That is why your kid should be familiar with such a thing. You can firstly teach your kid how to cut the paper, choose the right size of the box, remove the price tag and wrapping paper all around the gift in a proper way so that the gift is taking a beautiful shape. It is already a pleasant thing to handle presents for kids, and you will see how your kid is happy about what she\he has made.

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