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8 Tips on How to Keep Pregnancy a Secret

8 Tips on How to Keep Pregnancy a Secret

While many expecting moms can’t wait to share the joy of having a baby, some prefer to keep it for themselves a little longer. Maybe they are waiting for that 12-week milestone to pass until they are ready to announce the good news to the world. Or perhaps for reasons such as fear of people’s reaction, cultural reasons, or simply not feeling ready to pop the news out yet. If you are one of those who want to keep their pregnancy a secret for a little while and looking for ways to do it then do not miss out on this Kingdomofbaby post.

Know every little way to keep your pregnancy a secret by reading more below.

Having gastroenteritis or loose bowel movement?

Stomach problems can be a good way to keep your pregnancy a secret in those early months. It is the perfect white lie to elaborate that you are off your food and why you are not feeling well. Those countless trips to the bathroom for nausea and morning sickness or those undying wees will be covered through your stomach issues. You’ll also be paying your doctor a lot of visits for the treatment of it. 

The detox program 

Kicking off for health galore is a smart excuse to not consume alcohol. It can also be a reason to avoid those pregnancy no-go foods and to justify why you’re feeling a bit peaky or under the weather. As your detox process may cause bloating in the early days, you can confidently tell – no baby bump here! Just a mere bloating from my new detox program, then perfect!

Consider that dentist appointment

Doctor visits and all other essential scans can’t be avoided in those early days so you will need a pretty brilliant excuse to take some leave from work. Taking time to visit a dentist is a perfect idea. A disguised dodgy tooth gives you multiple appointments to the dentist. The time frame and the perfect cover are just perfect until you have the guts to share this pregnancy news to your big boss! It can also provide you a great excuse to miss out on those late-night team dinners without any suspicion. Well, antibiotics are required, after all. Insert that nudge wink, lol.

Pretend to drink those liquors

Out with friends or having a family celebration? Of course, it’s difficult to avoid those liquors without triggering any suspicion. If you feel not taking those drinks is a big threat to your secret, better purchase your drink and disguise that they are alcoholics.

Opt to have a cranberry juice in a wine glass or coke and lemonade as they are easily covered as spirits. Those can be great tricks and nobody will know. But, if someone gives or offers you a drink, just pretend to take a sip and carefully ditch or swap it when you can. You can also say that you have an early blast in the morning and that you had already enough for tonight. Easy right.

Wisely choose whom you confide with… better yet not share it

After careful thinking, you might have decided to share it with each of your friends. However, some friends as beautiful as they are, are bad at keeping secrets, that’s a sure thing especially with those joyful and exciting ones. So, it may be best to just keep it to yourself until it will come to a point that you are ready to share the good news with everybody. 

Raise the white flag for baby shopping

Baby stuff is one of the first things that comes in your mind the moment you knew you are expecting. But, keep that excitement for baby shopping for a while. If you want to keep your pregnancy a secret then stay away from those baby aisles in the supermarkets and department stores. Keep in mind that you might bump into someone you know. Online shopping is a good option though but can blow your cover in the office or at your home eventually. So, better keep away from that until you are ready to pop the news out!

Keep your hands away from your tummy

As absurd as it may sound, many expecting moms unconsciously or naturally touch their tummies over and over again the minute they figured out that they are pregnant. They can’t just stop touching or gently rubbing it until the baby is out. Well, truth be told, it is an instinct. So just be careful about it if you want to keep your pregnancy a secret a little longer.

Beautifully chick and baggy 

To cover up that growing baby bump, resort to shopping for flowing tops and stretchy waistbands. Go for those types of clothing that don’t powerfully shout “I’m pregnant!” Also, stay away from the maternity section for a little while. You can just choose to shop for size ups until the bump is fully out where you can no longer refuse to discuss it.

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