Women end their second month of pregnancy by the end of 8 weeks pregnant. If you cannot see it yet, Like most women, a pregnancy should really be obvious for you now. Now you can make the first reservation with your doctor. During a visit, you can use ultrasound to determine the distance you are at. You can also hear and watch your baby’s heartbeat. 

8th Week Pregnant Signs


There are many pregnancy symptoms that you can experience and it will be:

1. Sore Breasts.

Your chest can look big and heavy and it can be straight and painful. This is because the leaves that produce milk in your breast begin to expand. That’s a good reason. They are preparing for breastfeeding.

2. Fatigue.

The fight is true if you want to sleep in the eight weeks of pregnancy because your hormones vary, your body produces more blood for your Baby and your blood pressure and blood sugar are lower than before pregnancy. The best fix? Get more sleep. We know it sounds easier than it actually sounds, but make it your top priority to go to bed early, take a nap at the weekend or sneak in for 4 hours.

3. Morning Sickness.

Nausea can actually peak in 8 weeks and is therefore associated with these pregnancy hormones. Maintain hydration and eat healthy snacks throughout the day. If you suffer from severe nausea during pregnancy within 8 weeks, it may be difficult to contain the food, so that you do not eat properly and make a choice that you can actually have in your stomach is important, some mothers can help with nausea, Vitamin B-6, and Shiatsu bracelets, but are worth it.

4. Heightened Sense Of Smell.

There is still a funny Symptom of morning nausea. Which is a strange smell? Avoid bad smells, as these can cause odors and Nausea.

5. Pregnancy Cramps.

During the eighth week of pregnancy, convulsions are normal. This is because your abdominal ligaments stretch as your womb expands. Tell your doctor if you are tired or worried about your cramps.

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6. Constipation.

If you have a problem, you are not alone. Constipation during pregnancy occurs in about 50% of us. To work drink a lot of water, eat fiber and vegetable-rich fruit and walk a lot. If you still can’t stop, ask your doctor.

7. Weird Dreams.

If you have strange but lively dreams, these are normal during your pregnancy. It is not clear what caused these dreams – it can be partly due to new ideas and fears. You have a lot in mind lately!

8. Spotting.

Yes, it is a matter of finding out what you can do in the 8. As blood may be a sign of miscarriage. However, there are other causes in the First Semester, including gender. Ask your doctor to Fix the Problem. 8. What do you mean? Week Belly Pregnancy

8th Week Pregnant Tummy

Every mother and Baby is considered different. Know that your womb has spread out in the eighth week of pregnancy, but it only takes a very long time for it in order to show up outside.

The healthy weight gain for the first Semester is 1 to 2 pounds per week, so you can increase up to 4 to 6 pounds in the 8 weeks of pregnancy.

8th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

Pregnancy week up to 8, During the week of pregnancy, the baby’s fingers and toes were slightly networked and the tail disappeared. Interesting fact: Baby’s taste buds form and ready for their first meal.

You will probably be freed from your blood so that your doctor can carry out the Test at your first prenatal reservation. Your doctor will desire to know which blood group you have and whether Rh is positive or negative (if you are negative and your baby is positive, you will need medication to prevent complications). Your hormone levels, as well as the white and red blood cells, are also checked to ensure that they are normal. His blood is tested for Hepatitis B, STDs, HIV and immunity.

Useful Tips:

– Plan your prenatal visit for 12 weeks.

– Do You What Amniocentesis?

– Think of a fun and unforgettable way to share your news

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