The growth process of a baby is a slow process but seeing your baby grow makes the parents feel like they are the happiest parents alive. A baby during the first two to three months is completely dependent on the parents. Even changing their sides while lying is carried out by the parents.

The first step towards healthy growth is when a baby can sit up. After he is able to sit, the next step is crawling and it is then followed by walking. The major step in the whole growth process is crawling as it is the first thing a baby is able to do independently. Crawling is the stage when a baby begins thinking that he/she can move around without the help of their parents or siblings.

Baby Crawling:

In order to begin crawling, a first strengthens the muscles of the tummy. It is a natural process and every baby in this world has to strengthen the muscles in order to crawl. At the initial stage of crawling which is around 6 to 7 months, the baby starts pulling himself up on his forearms and this is a kind of a mini push-up that helps in strengthening the tummy muscles. commando-style crawling is following this then. When the baby is finally 8 to 10 months old, the tummy and forearms’ muscles are strong enough to let him crawl.

As parents, you can help your baby crawl and become efficient in it. Here are some tricks you can use to encourage your baby.

1. Baby Crawling: Use Toys

Babies love toys and 98% of their time is dedicated to playing with toys. As a parent, you can opt for toys that encourage your baby to crawl. Remote controlled toys or pull toys. Or you can simply place toys at a distance and tell your kid to come and get it.

2. Set Obstacles

To make your baby an efficient crawler, you can make use of obstacles so that your baby gets trainers about avoiding obstacles in their way. You can place stuff in their way so that they can analyze as to how they are going to cross it.

3. Let Your Baby Crawl

Is new at crawling, let him/her be a free crawler. Do not stop them and let them crawl anywhere they want except for some very dangerous places. As crawling gives the babies a sense of independence.

Yes, for the healthy growth and development of your baby you have let him/her crawl but there are some security measures that you must take to make sure that your baby doesn’t get hurt or injured.

4. The Cover The Sharp Edges:

There is furniture all around the house, the first thing you need to do when your baby starts crawling is to cover the sharp edges of the furniture.

5. Say No To Stress

If your house contains stairs, make sure you close the entrance of your baby in that area as climbing the stairs is what every kid loves and can lead to severe injuries.

Keep The Floor Clean:

At the age of 8-9 months, anything a baby sees lying around looks like a treat to them and they take it in their mouth even if it’s a dead cockroach. To keep your baby safe, the area where the baby crawls the most should always be kept clean and tidy.

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