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Are Little Boys Really That Different From Little Girls

Are Little Boys Really That Different From Little Girls

Every child is unique in their own little ways. Even siblings can be different from each other, more so if they are of different sexes. This means that raising them needs different approaches and patterns. What can we expect? Are little boys really that different from little girls? How do they differ? Here are some points to understand the difference.

Who’s who?

We don’t tend to generalize, we are just using statements that are the results of some studies and researches done by experts. 

Girls are better at understanding other people’s emotions.

Researchers conclude that girls are better at figuring out others’ emotions than boys. Even while they are young, girls tend to look and read on faces while boys opt to look at mobiles. This can be because girls, by nature expressed their feelings while boys absorbed it up.

Boys are harder to discipline than girls.

What caused this? Study shows that boy’s hearing is not as sharp as those of girls which is more sensitive to speech identification. They easily respond to discipline strategies such as praise or warnings. Boys tend to be more physical and less verbal. They need to pick up or tap to realized discipline. 

Girls make it harder to develop self-esteem.

Girls tend to grow up as people pleaser, setting her own needs and desires aside to please others. Thus, it can result to lower self-esteem and confidence compared to boys. Motivate girls and give them words of encouragement to build their self-confidence. You can let her join team sports and group activities and help her explore her inner strength and innate talents.

Boys have better spatial skills.

Boys, even at a younger age has the ability to solve problems involving size and distance.  A study reveals that boys as young as 3 to 5 months old can visualize how an object will look when rotated, while girls of the same age cannot. To help girls develop this skill, give them building blocks and number activities. Let them play games that focus on hitting targets.

Most girls are better in school.

Boys prefer hands-on learning than indoor classes. This is why in the early years, most girls do better in developing attentiveness and self-control, language and fine motor skills. But when it comes to geometry, most girls lag behind boys because they have better spatial skills, as mentioned above.

Boys are better at physical activity.

Observe playgrounds and fields. There are more boys playing and running than girls. Boys are more restless than girls, as one study concludes. This starts early in life as baby boys tend to move more in their strollers, while taking their bath, changing their clothes and even while eating. In a group, more often, boys are the ones who are active while the girls are less active. Parents can help their kids by giving them enough time for physical activity, whether indoors or outdoors. 

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Prenatal testosterone plays a role that makes boys two years old and below more aggressive than girls of the same age.  But as baby girls developed into a toddler, she is also likely to kick, bite or hit other kids. To address this, impose a “no hitting” rule on the kids. 


There is no particular difference between a boy and a girl as to when they start walking. Both genders can start walking at the age of nine to sixteen months. 

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Children usually start talking in as early as 3 months to as late as 3 years old. Studies show that there are certain factors that affect communication development in children like exposure to language and their environment. Researchers found that girls started talking about a month earlier than boys. They also have larger vocabularies than the male counterpart as they reached their 24th month. Parents can help by using different techniques to encourage kids to talk.

A recap

In one way or the other, little boys are really different than little girls. This what makes parenting exciting, to understand children’s needs and apply fitting parenting approaches for different genders.

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