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Attractive Wrapped Glitter Easter Eggs Craft for Kids and Adults

One of the most exciting holidays in a year is Easter. We always look forward to that kind of celebration even if we are old enough to celebrate it. Kids are also very excited about this kind of event as there may be a lot of games to play and one of the most popular games during the Easter season is the Easter Egg Hunting. There are so many Easter ideas and entertainment to celebrate this kind of event. There are also many Easter crafts that provide you with the best way to welcome the spring season and celebrate new life. 

In celebrating Easter, people come up with so many things in mind and they end up making wrapped glitter Easter egg craft for kids and adults. It’s fun and affordable when you make your own glittered Easter egg. But there are also people who don’t have enough time to make their own craft and they prefer buying it rather than making it. If you are one of those people who are busy in life to do such a project, this article will help you where to get some wrapped glitter Easter egg craft for kids and adults.  Get some details about these wrapped Easter eggs and know why it is convenient to buy ready-made Easter eggs. 

Glitter Easter Eggs 

Are you looking for some egg design art and wrapped glitter Easter Eggs craft for kids and adults? Check on these wrapped glitters Easter egg craft and some Easter egg ideas for your celebration and link with your kids. 

1. Fun Express Iridescent Glitter Putty Eggs (24 Count) by Fun Express 

This Fun Express Iridescent Glitter Putty Eggs will surely be loved by children. This product comes in 24 pieces with a very beautiful design. Each of it is shrink-wrapped and the Easter eggs have putty inside, making children delighted. This is perfect for children’s party as you put them in loot bags or simply add them to East baskets or Easter egg hunt. The eggs are made in high-quality material and all are safe for children. They were a hit for most customers and there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee in it. 

2.  Soft Glitter Plastic Easter Eggs – 10 Count by Greenbrier

These Soft Glitter Easter Eggs are the best substitute for the usual Easter eggs. It comes in a variety of shining shimmery splendid designs. These Easter eggs will surely give extra fun to the Easter egg hunt. This is just perfect whether you are celebrating children’s party, Easter or just after lunch party and want to let the Easter Bunny hop by your backyard and drop off a basket for your kids. The eggs are very colorful and it comes in 10 eggs. This is also perfect for indoor or even outdoor use especially for treasure hunting of parlor games. You can also open the eggs easily and fill in something and once it is done, you can just snap together the eggs. There are also 5 different colors of eggs and the colors are blue, green, pink, gold and hot pink, many enough to be attractive to kids. It is not only attractive to children, but it is also very attractive when used for decorations. 

3.  Amscan International 370704 Glitter Eggs, 3″, Multicolored by amscan

Get this Amscan International Glitter eggs for parties and decorations. Amscan is known to be the biggest designer, distributor, and manufacturer of party goods decoration and party accessories all over the world. Many consumers have put their trust in this company for so many years. These are cute to look at and a good size. Even if it was made of plastics, the eggs were perfect for treats and goodies for baskets and hiding! They are easy to open and they snap close, just perfect to fill them up with goodies, candies, money and many more. It features a dazzling coat of glitter that will catch the eyes of little children. This is also perfect when you are trying to propose to the woman you love as the ring can be placed inside and surprise the person you want to marry on an Easter season. 

4. Fiada 300 Pieces Glitter Easter Eggs Small Decorative Foam Eggs Colorful Eggs Ornaments with Shredded Paper Grass for Easter Craft Home Decor, 0.6 x 0.7 Inch by Fiada

This Fiada Glitter Easter Eggs when bought are too many, and it has a lot of eggs in the package. It comes into 6 different and beautiful glitter colors for you and children. The colors are purple, orange, green, blue, yellow and rose red to choose from. The colors look great with the green paper grass, as its shiny gloss will make your Easter decorations better-looking. This will look great on outdoor activities because of its shiny gloss. It can also make your Easter decorations more attractive and beautiful. The eggs are foamy and in lovely craftsmanship. It was covered with gold powder on the surface making it more beautiful. It may seem very soft but it is very durable to use. The size is also enough and it was made light in weight for you to be able to keep it. The eggs are perfect for Easter themed parties as well and you can put them anywhere in the house or in your garden. It simply makes the work crafts with your imagination as the green grass design will also attract others.

5. U.S. Toy (1696) Assorted Color Glitter Putty Eggs – Pack of 12 by U.S. Toy 

Children will be very pleased with this U.S. Toy (1696) Assorted Color Glitter Putty Eggs because of the mere fact that it has some Putty, children will like it. Children liked to open something and discover something inside. The eggs come in assorted colors and you will be very pleased with what you get for the price. Highly recommend for parents who want to surprise their child. 


Every celebration we encountered life comes with a lot of great decoration and designs. With these wrapped glitter Easter egg craft for kids and adults, you will get the convenience that you need as these products are ready-made. You just need to add some Easter ideas and decorations if you want. In the end, we only want the fun and the gathering with our loved ones. Just enjoy the moment and make memories. 

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