Baby is a delicate matter and having the skills at hand in an emergency can save your baby’s life. Here you will find recommendations on the procedure for the first aid factor of your child.

Babies Emergency: CHOKING

Place the child on the forearm while he is sitting. To take advantage of gravity, the head must be below the edge. If you support your arms above your legs with bent knees, it will be easier to still hold the baby’s head. And the heel of your hand rests five times on the back between the shoulder blades. This “artificial cough” can push additional air into the lungs into the trachea, which leads to disability.

Babies Emergency: CPR

Emergency Methods For Your Precious Baby

To properly perform CPR, consider putting your child on a table or floor. Tilt the head(one-way forehead, the other gently raise the chin) to see if the way opens. Look at your chest and see if you go up and down with each breath. If the baby is breathing, do it. Do not add other methods, sit down and wait for the doctor.

Babies Emergency: BURN

If your child is burning, it will be almost a minor problem. Move the burned skin under cold water. It cools him and paralyzes him in pain. Continue, if necessary, for 10 more minutes, until the pain is gone. Then apply an antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin. If necessary, to prevent the peeling of the ointment, you can put a light gauze or non-stick bandage over the burn. Call 911 immediately if your child is suffering from severe burns and appears to be completely unconscious. Whether: the benefits of your child’s packing.

If your child is suffering from a serious burn and he appears to definitely be unconscious, then call 911 immediately.

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Scraps And Cuts

Stop bleeding from the cut, towel, or your baby’s new disposable diaper until the blood flow stops or depletes dramatically, and rinse the wound with soapy water, then apply an antibiotic gel. Finally, add a non-stick dressing. Do not forget that the cuts on the head bleed more, getting the most pressure and attention.

Remember that the cuts on the head bleed the most and acquire the most pressure and attention.

Spinners And Stings

If your child gets slivers, the first thing you need to do is gently wash the area. If you are thinking about using a clean Tweezer, you can take it out even if you try it sometime. But if the sliver is much lower than the skin, you can use a new sewing needle and pull it out of the skin. When you have slivers, clean your baby’s skin with oxygen or soap. If the Bee is bitten by that baby and doesn’t use forceps to pull out the Stinger, it can release more poison. Use your credit card to clear the Stingers at the angle you entered. Do not forget to apply a cold compress to the place of paralyzing pain.

If your baby got stung by a bee do not use tweezers to take the stinger out, it might actually release more venom. Use a credit card to scrape the stinger out at the same angle it went in. Don’t forget to apply a cold compress on the spot to numb the pain.

Burrs And Bruises

If your child gets up from the couch or from the bed, this is probably a good thing. However, if you have a lump, you can reduce swelling by putting ice in a towel and pressing it against the mass. However, you may need to see a doctor in the following situations:-if your child is dapped, confused or temporarily unconsciously from unconsciousness and he continues to vomit after the first crying has stopped, or he is constantly annoyed after being abnormally blunted: he is unable to move or move part of his body.
Yet, you might need to call the doctor in the following situations:

– There’s any sign that your baby may be drifting in and out of consciousness, he seems dazed, confused, or was knocked unconscious temporarily

– Your child isn’t acting right — he’s persistently irritable after the initial crying stops, keeps vomiting, or is unusually lethargic

– He can’t seem to move a part of his body


Remember that this is not a substitute for first aid. Most hospitals and some raw groups and colleges offer CPR classes for babies. You can call the local Red Cross organization or a doctor to ask for help.

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