Baby is Ready to be Born: 15 Signs Your Baby Will be Born in the Next Few Days

For every mother, giving birth to a baby is one of the hardest yet rewarding experiences. The pain that they are suffering will fade away once they see their little ones. If the due date is near, rest assured that they will start wondering about the signs they are in labor, especially for first-time moms. The experience of delivering a baby may differ from one mother to another. It is common to feel the fear and worriedness because of the pain associated with giving birth. But if you are aware of the signs of labor approaching, the pain and fear will lessen. So, to help you with this matter, here are the 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days to help you with your safe delivery. 

1. The belly has gotten lower  

If your baby drops, then you have to take note that this one of the 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days. You will suddenly feel the pressure in your pelvic part. When your baby drops, it simply means that the head of the baby is moving to the lower part, into his or her mother’s pelvis which is considered as one of the signs that labor is coming soon. You can also notice that after the baby drops and settle into that position, rest assured that the mothers can breathe easily, but it will result to often bathroom visits because of too much pressure on the mother’s bladder and pelvis. 

2. Consistent Contractions 

Consistent contraction is one of the signs baby is ready to be born. The contractions may be mild at first, but you have to watch out and pay attention to what you feel. The frequent and consistent contractions push the baby outside. You have to keep in mind that contractions start on your back and then will come to the front. When you feel like your abdomen gets hard and then suddenly it relaxes, then those are the signs of the real contractions.

3. You will experience diarrhea 

One of the 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days is that you will experience diarrhea. If you suddenly experience this near your due date, then this is another addition to the signs labor is not far away. This is more likely because of the release of prostaglandins, a hormone that helps initiate the labor. If you experience this situation, it is best to keep yourself hydrated and be aware of the other signs that labor has started. 

4. Water bag breaks 

When your water breaks, this is a sure sign that your baby is ready to go out. As one of the 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days, you should watch out and be careful with this sign since it can come with blood flow or a leak. But you also need not to worry since this may not happen to every woman. Most of the time, the water bag doesn’t break until the doctor needs to break it.

5. Cramping and pain in your lower back 

Another thing from the 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days that you should take note is the cramping and the pain in your lower back. You will notice that it can be mild at first, but it will get worse and consistent. During this time, all you need to do is to lean against the wall or take a walk. You have to avoid lying since it can put more weight on your spine. 

6. You will notice a bloody discharge 

When your labor begins, you can notice a bloody vaginal discharge. This may come in a pinkish, thick and bloodstains forms. This is more likely because of the release of the mucous plug. You don’t need to panic if you will notice more blood coming from you because that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. 

7. Dilation of the cervix 

If you experience the dilation of your cervix, there is a higher chance that your baby is very close. Walking and stretching your hips can be a great way to help your cervix to dilate. You can also try doing some gentle exercises, stimulating your nipples and relax with warm shower for faster cervix dilation. 

8. Cervical effacement

Cervical effacement is somehow similar to cervix dilating. The effacement is known as the process in which your cervix is preparing for the baby’s delivery. Remember that the more effaced you are, the closer you are to your delivery. When you feel this moment, remember not to panic and try to deal with it in a calm and proper way. 

9. You have the urge to organize and clean everything 

Another sign that your baby is coming very soon is your nesting instinct. This act is considered as your excitement and desire to organize everything for your new baby. You will notice that this instinct will be stronger in the following weeks before your delivery. In this moment you need to get everything ready and done because your baby is ready to go out on the outside world. 

10. Your joints will loosen 

If you feel that your joint begins to loosen up, then this is another sign that your baby is ready to go out of your womb. Your pelvis and hips will be the most affected area before you go into labor. But you also have to take not that this is essential for making your body at ease during your delivery. 

11. Nausea 

Most of the soon to be mothers are experiencing nausea before their labor begins. This is because of the hormonal changes that you are experiencing. If you thought this is just like your normal morning sickness, well, you have to take note that this is not the case. You also need to know that not all the soon to be moms will experience this scenario. The waves of nausea will make you uncomfortable and tired, so it is important to be alert and hydrated. 

12. Change in your appetite 

Most of the soon to be mothers experience changes in their appetite right before their labor. This is more likely because of the changes of hormones in your body. You will suddenly feel famished to any food regardless of the amount of food you have eaten. One of the factors that affect this matter is the fact that your baby is growing and he is pressing your stomach downward. 

13. Dizziness 

Before the baby comes out, you will notice that you can feel dizzy. This is said to be because of the hormones that are allowing your blood vessels to widen and relax. Rest assured that you will feel uncomfortable in doing simple tasks. This is also said to be common because you and your baby are both getting bigger. 

14. You will experience skin break out 

Skin break out is because of the changing hormones within you. This thing is possible during the beginning and the end of your pregnancy. Since you are close to your due date, you are more likely to have a change of diet. This change of diet is also said to be one of the causes of skin break out. And if you notice a sudden break out a few days before your due date, then you might get ready since this is another sign that you are going to deliver your baby, very soon. 

15. Your baby will stop moving 

During the middle to the last part of your pregnancy, you will notice the movements of your baby. But if you notice that they are not moving in the latter part of your pregnancy, you don’t need to worry because it is normal. This is because your baby is preparing himself to come out. So calm yourself and get ready because your baby is now ready to see you too.  

Are you now excited to see your little bundle of joy? These 15 signs your baby will be born in the next few days can help you get ready and be prepared to your baby’s delivery. We wish you good luck and enjoy your special moment with your little one! 

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