The whole phase of pregnancy is not easy. But the real struggle starts when your little angel comes in this world, Taking care of her needs and handling her is like an all-time job, and you can’t be negligent in your duty, The most important part is to take care of baby sleep. The better your child has slept, the healthier and happier she becomes. On the other hand, lack of proper sleep can have several negative effects on your kid’s health and development.

How To Cope With Your Baby Sleep Problems?

Many times it happens that the babies fight the sleep. They just don’t want to sleep and stay awake most of the time.  This situation doesn’t let the mother get some rest an also damages the kid’s health. There are several possible reasons for that. We are here to offer some tried and tested solutions to those problems so that your child can enjoy a sound sleep.

Why Babies Fight Sleep?

They Haven’t Had An Active Day

Yes, this can be the reason for Your baby’s sleep problems. If your baby is not tired enough at night, she won’t sleep comfortably. Take special care in the daily routine of the baby. Make sure you spend a lot of time with your kids in the morning. Talk to them, have more face-to-face contact, keep them busy throughout the day. Help them to practice their new skills and make sure they don’t sleep much during the day (in case of older babies) so that they can have a sound sleep at night. Add more playtimes to their routine and let them have some fresh air daily. Take them out, and it will have a positive impact on their sleep.

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They Have Had a Hyperactive Day

You might have heard that excess of everything is bad. The same is the case here. If your babies are very tired, they won’t sleep longer as we do. It is the opposite in the case of kids. If they are too much tired, instead of going to sound and deep sleep, they become hyper and frantic.

Therefore, you need to be conscious in this regard and make sure your babies don’t have an over-excited day.  Take them out of the stimulating environment at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Provide them calm and peaceful surroundings so that they can easily fall asleep at their set bed-time.  Moreover, reducing screen time can also be very helpful. The electronic devices including tablets emit blue light that delays the drowsiness and it can be a major cause of your kid fighting the sleep. Don’t let them play much with tabs on your smartphones.

Long Afternoon Naps

It is also a very common reason. For the babies who have slept enough during the days, obviously, it would be hard to fall asleep on the routine bedtime at night. If your kids fall asleep at 5 PM and wake up after two hours, how can he still enjoy a sound sleep at night?

You should try to elongate the waking period of your babies before bed-time so that they can enjoy a proper sleep-time. Try to manage the routine in such a way that the last nap of daytime ends earlier so that they can have better sleep at night.

Final Verdict

Make a proper routine, set up bedtime and try to follow the schedule for better results. Make sure your baby enjoys natural daylight and keeps her busy in playful activities. Shift to more passive and sedate activities 2-3 hours before the sleep-time. Feeding them well before bedtime can also help in making them fall asleep at their time.

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