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Baby’s Position in the Mothers Womb after 8 Months

The development of the baby during pregnancy moves into several different positions. According to the doctor or midwife, the ideal position for a fetus just before the mother gets into a labor stage is the anterior position. Most of the fetuses want into this position by the very last of the mother’s pregnancy. The anterior position is also known as a vertex this position most of the fetus’s position.

If you are a mother and you get curious about the position of your little one as the months go by, and curious about how well your baby is during the eighth month, then this article is best for you. Get some tips and guidelines on what to do during the 8th month of pregnancy.

What to observe

Your 32 weeks fetus has probably turned into the head down position so he or she poise to the trip down the birth canal don’t worry, you still have a little more time to mentally prepare for that. 32-week baby is a big as pineapple it is still growing and strong, baby measures about 17.7 inches and weighs about 3.9 pounds.

A 32weeks baby is growing fast and putting more weight, the toenails and fingernails are formed. The ability to smell of the baby was being developed, baby lungs are continuing to mature the skin of the baby is starting to thicken which was transparent once, the skeleton of the 32week baby was completely formed, but the bones are still very soft and flexible.

Baby’s development

The baby will continue to mature to develop and you develop reserve body fat. You also noticed your baby kicking inside your womb more baby’s brain is developing rapidly at this moment and your baby can see and hear and the body hair of the baby start falling off. 

Also, the baby continues to gain weight so he takes up all the space in the uterus while at the same time he keeps on putting more and more pressure on your bladder. The lungs are almost fully developed and therefore they occupy more room in the uterus, causing you to feel more bloated, especially when lying down on the bed. Normal symptoms include trouble sleeping, as it will be more difficult for both you and the baby to move.

You will feel that his movements are spasmodic this is because that baby might hiccup because he was swallowed too much amniotic fluid. You are in the final stages of pregnancy, so you must take special care of yourself while continuing your normal lifestyle as long as possible. Feeling extremely tired during this stage is a typical symptom as well. It is caused not only by an increase in your body weight, which causes fatigue in most women and caused rib pain, thereby making it harder for you to breathe.

The development of the 8-month baby

  • Baby continues to gain weight 
  • Baby’s brain is developing rapidly
  • Almost all organs are body parts are developed except lungs 
  • Hairs which were protecting the baby’s body are starting to shed off 
  • Skin is still red and wrinkled
  • Baby has developed his sleep and wake cycles 
  • Kidneys are mature 

How many baby kicks is normal?

Every baby is different, and this includes their movements. Some babies sleep all day and move night when you asleep were as others seem to be moving all the time, babies sleep in the womb as much as 17hours a day, usually for periods around 40-50 minutes at a time.

How to check baby movements?

It is easy to miss the feeling of your baby kicking especially if you in busy and active if you think your baby’s movements have reduced always contact your care provider for advice. It is important to have your baby well being sooner rather than later. Most commonly women are advised to lie down on their left side support their belly with the pillow for two hours you should feel at 10 separate movements at that time.

Health tips for a pregnant woman

  • Educate yourself about three stages of labor 
  • Start your maternity leave if not yet started 
  • Talk with other mothers about their experiences of childbirth
  • Eat small meals at regular intervals
  • Avoid sitting or standing in one position for a long time
  • Learn the signs of early labor
  • Continue to take prenatal vitamins regularly as prescribed of your doctor 
  • Visit your doctor and schedule the next ultrasound scan
  • Ask your doctor about the requirement of further blood or urine test if any pending to be performed

Learn about these Different Baby Positions During Pregnancy

Anterior position

The best position for the fetus to be in before childbirth is the anterior position. The majority of fetuses get into this position before labor begins this position means the fetus head is down in the pelvis, facing the woman’s back and the fetus head can be tucked in, allowing the top of it to press down on the cervix, which encourages it to open during labor. 

Posterior position

This posterior position is also known as the back-to-back position this is where the fetus’s head is pointing down, and their back is resting against the woman’s back. During the 32 weeks of pregnancy, the position of your baby is more important as your due dates are about to come your baby needs to get into the best position to prepare for the delivery of your baby. As your baby grows during your pregnancy period your baby moves quite a bit in the womb you can feel that your baby may twist and turn.

Transverse lie position

In theory, if the baby is a transverse you will look like football is sideways instead of up and down. Transverse birth only happens around one and a thousand cases this is a bad position of the baby for the pregnant woman she needs a Caesarean surgery sometimes it is necessary when the head of the baby is up.

Wrapping up

Visit the doctor immediately if you feel contractions, abdominal pain, heavy water discharge, pain during urination, or heavy bleeding. Finalize birth plans and keep yourself prepared if C section is required. Drink more water and take a healthy diet and moisturize your skin regularly to reduce itching. Talk to your baby regularly to make a bond with your baby, do not take the stress and enjoy this phase of pregnancy.

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