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Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman craves for something, they must have it right away. One of the most common food items that they crave for is pickles. Although not every woman craves for it, every woman has that desire to eat whatever their mind and body tells them. Pickles are naturally healthy in a way, but when it comes to consuming it during pregnancy, they can both be good and bad. Here are the things that you need to know about eating pickles during pregnancy.

Craving for pickles during pregnancy

Experts say that there are a lot of reasons why you are craving pickles while you are pregnant. One of the most common reason is because of your hormones. A woman’s body experiences tons of different changes while she is pregnant. You may not be having the same experience or cravings with others, but it is guaranteed that hormones are to blame for it. Oestrogen; or more commonly known as pregnancy hormones affect the senses of smell and taste. This is usually what encourages the body to consume pickles. When you’re pregnant, your hormones are all over the place; and that is perfectly normal. Some pregnant women find comfort when they have a jar of pickles with them.

There is no accurate explanation from experts as to why women have cravings when they are pregnant. However, it is believed when the body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals, it will make the mind want to get it. So when if you have been having some pickle cravings, you are body might need a good source of iron and sodium. Pickles do not contain that much cholesterol as well as protein and fat, but it can also be a good source of calcium and dietary fiber. 

It also turns out that genetics may actually play a role when it comes to what a pregnant woman craves for. Scientists believe that these cravings are purely psychological. A person’s DNA determines how taste buds will register the flavors that have been consumed. This is how the brain identifies what kind of taste it is looking for; so it may not be the pickles you want, it may be the saltiness that it can provide your mouth.

Pickles consumption

Some doctors say that there is no harm in consuming pickles when you are pregnant. One of the main reasons is because it does not contribute much to the body. Despite having a few necessary nutrients, an ounce will not have any effect on anyone. So if you are pregnant and you have been constantly craving for pickles, there is no need to worry. Unless your doctor advises you not to consume any. Pickles do have some benefits, however, too much of it can be harmful to the health of a pregnant woman.

Benefits of pickles on pregnant women

Experts believe that despite not having that much nutritional value, pickles can benefit a woman during pregnancy.

  • Pregnant women often suffer from different digestion issues. Pickles can provide the essential nutrients that may help improve their digestion. Pickles contain good bacteria that usually protect themselves from spoilage. Good bacteria can help the stomach digest the food more efficiently.
  • Some pregnant women find it very difficult to find snacks that are tasty and healthy at the same time. It is normal to eat a little more than usual since you are technically eating for two, but this is not an excuse to eat unhealthy foods. Pickles contain almost no cholesterol and it is also very low in fat, which makes it a great alternative if you are craving salty unhealthy snacks.
  • Electrolytes are essential for the body, and since you are pregnant, the body requires more of it. This is to ensure that the fetus is getting the right amount without having to get too much that there would not be any left for the mother. Pickles are a good source of electrolytes. It will help a pregnant woman’s body balanced with a significant amount of sodium and potassium.

Risks of eating pickles during pregnancy

It is well-known that pickles contain a massive amount of sodium, which makes it extremely unhealthy if a pregnant woman eats it on a daily basis. Although it does not contain salt naturally, jars of pickles that can be bought from the market have salt in them to enhance its flavor. It also serves as the pickle’s anti-microbial agent. Here are some risks that you should be aware of before giving in to your cravings:

  • Pickles may lead to dehydrating. It is ideal to consume more water during pregnancy and being dehydrated can affect your unborn baby. Pickles contain salt, which makes it easier to dehydrate the body.
  • Some pickles contain excessive preservatives, even the ones that claim to be organic. It is not safe for a pregnant woman to consume foods that have preservatives since it may cause serious complications.
  • Consuming too much sodium can also lead to high blood pressure, which means you can be at risk for gestational hypertension. It is a very dangerous condition wherein the blood pressure rises and it can lead to serious complications. Some pregnant women suffer from seizures. Their kidneys also will not be able to handle the damage from too much sodium intake. All of this can lead to your baby not being able to get as much oxygen it needs. This will lead to the baby having to be delivered right away even if he or she is still not fully developed.

It is perfectly natural for pregnant women to have that kind of desire to eat certain foods. When they crave for something, it is believed that they must have it right away for the sake of the unborn baby. However, it is your own responsibility to take care of your body since whatever you eat or drink will affect your baby. You are sharing your body with your baby for the time being so it is essential for you to be mindful of your health. If you have been craving for pickles all the time, make sure to consume it moderately. Eating too much of anything, regardless of how healthy they can be, does not always end well for the body. It is also best that you consult your doctor about your diet.

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