Whether you already have kids or not; child adoption is possible in its legal sense. Becoming an adoptive or foster parent must go through a number of steps which will be simply stated down below.

Child Adoption: Educate Yourself

Before you aim to child adoption, you should know your responsibilities as a parent and bear in mind to be fully responsible for your adopted child.

Educate and enlighten yourself concerning the child’s needs; necessities and treatments, without forgetting to be financially and psychologically capable of taking care of him.

Educating yourself means that you should be fully aware of the regulations and laws of adopting the child; which will make the process clearer and bearable.

Child adoption

Do Research.

The journey of child adoption may seem easy but actually it may also be full of ups-and-downs and uncertainty as the process goes.

Contact local organizations and agencies of orphans/adoption is one way to start your journey of looking for an orphan to give him/her the love he/she needs.

Depending on your preferences; you can choose to adopt a child locally, nationally or internationally.

Websites also may give you a source of help and hope; www.adoptuskids.com is one website among many which can help you meet your goals.

Complete Eligibility As An Adoptive Parent

At some point in the process and while you are looking for a child; you will be asked to complete your eligibility to adopt a child – Home Study.

Certain Documents Need To Be Provided: birth certificates, your marriage license, child abuse clearances, and personal references… for a full view of the documents required please do consult international adoption.

Bear in mind that these documents may differ from one country/state/region to another one.

Get a Referral:

The process is still going so far; while you are working on your adoption; at some point you will get to receive a referral; a waiting list of children to adopt which you need to go through.

Once the referral is chosen the adopting case has been reviewed; the adoption process continues.

Legal Placement:

Once the referral is accepted; various legal placements and processes take place to professionally finalize the adoption.

Paper-works need to be completed as well as unexpected home visits take place to ensure that the environment where the child will live in is tangible and worth it.

After the child’s adoption is completed, your child; a son or daughter; will receive an amended birth certificate and will be a part of your family forever.

Make The Adopted Child Your Own Child

The most significant stage is the parent your child and gives her/him much love; treatment and never perceive him/her as an adopted child.

Unexpected home visits and court meetings will still take place to ensure everything going as it should.

At some time; your adopted child will be your child forever and there where your responsibility starts and should continue forever.

The steps mentioned above are the basics of adopting a child, still, there might some slight changes and differences in terms of the process as a whole and paper-works depending on where you are from and which type of adoption you are aiming for.

Pros And Cons:

While the marvel of adoption serves humanity and specifically orphans around the world, adoption may have its pros and cons as any other phenomenon, though.


Start being a family: Whether you already have children or not, having children around you gives your life another taste full of love, affection, responsibilities, and good deeds.

Rescue a child: Psalm 10:14 says, God does ask us to look after orphans and give justice, as they are unable to do so.

There are many orphans, who are living without a family, choosing one to take care of means a lot to humanity and God.

Give the birth parents hope: In many cases, the parents who gave birth to a child are either financially, emotionally or psychologically unable to raise a child.

The step you take towards adopting the child will help the family to not feel guilty and shameful.


Long Complex Process: Adopting a child, to some degree, maybe complicated and uncertain but it is worth all the hardness.

Adopting is not easy, as you need to be 100% eligible for adoption.

Home visits, court meeting, research of a child and more are going to be to some point stressful and challenging, but the fact that you will rescue a child change his life to the better will not stop you.

Costs Of Pre And Post-Adoption: Even some families are eager to adopt a child, the costs of adoption may be expensive which may hinder the adoption.

So before you opt for child adoption, bear in mind that there are going to be some costs to finalize the process, here I can advise opting for an adoption financial assistance.

Psychology Of The Children: Dealing with kids is never free of challenges.

Kid’s treatments should be based on good knowledge and expertise. Before you raise a child, you must educate yourself and learn how to deal with children for the reason that adopted children often immerse in the adoptive family and may show some resistance.

Not only from a humanitarian point of view but also from a religious one, taking care of orphans is considered helpful as you be rewarded for it.

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