If you are on the final or have passed your due date, you may be starting to look for natural ways to push your baby along. But does sperm induce labor? Also, are there dangers for having in the final weeks of pregnancy.  

While research on the subject is limited, sex time could be a ticket to labor and childbirth. Here’s what you need to understand if sperm can induce labor at 37 weeks. 

Does sex induce labor?

Sex might be the obvious choice to trigger labor and childbirth. Cramping of the utero is an integral part of an orgasm, and they can be strong and last about half an hour. But it’s not just about the post-climax cramping that is considered to help cause labor if the body is ready.

Sperm has prostaglandins in pregnancy and labor or fatty acids that work like hormones, which are also created by utero to slim and how to soften the cervix at home and start contractions in preparation for childbirth. Essentially, drugs recommended by doctors to stimulate labor such as misoprostol has a synthetic type of prostaglandins that have been discovered to improve speed during labor.

Nipple and genital stimulus and orgasm have been hyped as a natural method to boost levels of oxytocin; a hormone created by your body to cause labor spasms when you are ready for childbirth. Also, oxytocin is commonly used by doctors in an artificial form to cause labor.

Does sex often induce labor?

Although there’s a reason to consider that late sex could provoke labor, there just has not enough study to confirm that it works. One small research discovered that sex did, essentially, stimulate labor in risk-free expectant moms at 41 weeks but when the study was replicated a few years went, full-term women who go it on were less probably to begin labor. Most studies that have been performed have whether it’s lacking or demonstrated that sex doesn’t stimulate labor.

Is it dangerous to have sex in the final weeks of pregnancy?

Concerned that sex might cause labor too soon from 32 to 37, 38 or 39 weeks of pregnancy and no signs of labor? The spasms after orgasm are not an indicator of labor unless your body is prepared. If there’s a reason what you should not have sex during pregnancy (since you’re at danger for preterm labor or have placenta issue), your doctor has already raised it (and often before the final stretch). And still, if you have the urge to have sex and you have the approval from your ob-gyn or doctor, then go!

Intimacy During Labor 

The study demonstrates that for women with regular, problem-free pregnancies, sex and climax don’t guarantee ways to induce labor except circumstances for contractions are ready or in short if you are full-term or past your due.

Can the best sitting position at 38 weeks pregnant induce labor?

There’s no good study showing that the best sitting position at 38 weeks pregnant can induce labor than expectant. That said, a major factor to sex inducing labor is you and your partner’s orgasm, thus pick what position or sex toy does perfect for you.

Of course, keep in mind that some positions you cannot try in the final weeks of your pregnancy, especially your partner on the top, because you must avoid having too much time on your back to prevent blocking off blood supply to your lower part of the body (also, it would take an athletic feat to restfully direct that baby bump). The two other good sex positions at the final stretch of pregnancy are side-lying and rear-entry.

Bottom Line: Does Sperm Induce Labor?

Most doctors allow expectant mothers with regular pregnancies to sex up until their childbirth with no fear that they will go labor before it’s time. But you can check yours to find out what’s safe in your pregnancy situation and know what activities to induce labor.

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