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Easy Tips on How to Simplify Your Life While Having Your Kids Around

How can you simplify life having kids around? How effective are some tips to promote a less burdensome life with kids? Having kids around is so much fun but also too much hard to manage as one can think. Becoming a parent means you need to prepare yourself to become selfless. Selfless in a sense that you need to cover a lot of tasks starting from your child’s eating, sleeping, school, laundry, cooking, groceries, indoor and outdoor activities, and the list goes on and on with a lot of endless tasks to do every day.  

Having knowledge on how to maintain a big, happy as well as the organized home is surely a big goal to achieve. Mother’s usually are highly expected to do the proper management and training of the kids to be able to have a happy and not totally stress-free but raising kids that are causing less chaos to the family. Gathering tips from other parents that might help you simplify your life while having your kids around are some of the things that you should try to consider especially if you’re already having a hard time managing your home. Remember,  you’ve got nothing to lose if you try any of these tips to simplify parenting.

Teach your kids to be self-reliant  

To avoid having unfinished tasks at home, having a list of household chores is important to easily check if it was already executed or not. These list needs to be carried on properly and should be done on a regular basis to keep everything running smoothly at home. Distributing the chores at home with your kids is one way to simplify mom’s life and accomplish all these tasks. Assign each task according to their age and capabilities and keep them motivated when the ones assigned to them are properly executed by praising their work or giving them reward once in a while. Make your kids understand the importance of helping each other keep the family closer. Letting them participate and having their own responsibility is one way of teaching your kids to do things on their own and will help them develop self-reliance at an early age.

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 Setting up toy bins

Having kids at home means finding toys in any part of the house. One of the easiest tips on how to simplify your life while having kids is to set up toy bins for your kid’s toys in one corner of the room to avoid stepping on it especially at night. You can teach your kids to clean up their toys and put them in the color-labeled bins. One benefit of having toy bins is that your kids can easily find their toys and the tendency of forgetting them will be avoided. You can also teach them how many toys out at a time. Your creativity with cleaning up and organization will help your child understand the importance of tidying their things at an early age.

Prepare things ahead of time or night before.

Leaving the house with your kids along is even tough to think for some parents. Extra baggage comes along with every parent that has kids to bring, may it be a whole day outdoor activity, an overnight sleepover or a trip or longer than that, needs a lot of preparations for the kids’ things to bring. So, this one tip on how to embrace parenting advice that parents should do is to have a list of essential things to bring and pack those things inside the bag ahead of the scheduled activity to simplify your life while having kids around.  

Have a 10 minutes bond a day with your kids.

Communication is very important for the success of the relationship of every family. It is the key to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between family members and a source of strength that tighten family bonds. One easy tip to simplify your life while having kids around is to have a 10 minutes bond a day with each kid to talk about something that interests them such as doing story-telling activity or for teenage kids, can be having conversations while driving them to school. This 10 minutes bond a day can also be called as “special time or mommy/daddy time”. It is very obvious that parents are sometimes preoccupied with their work, so having this 10- minute reconnection with your child a day will help instill in their mind that their parents are making extra effort to be there for them. 

Let things go sometimes.

Don’t expect them to act like adults, for kids will always have fun and play. There will be times that your kids might go beyond what you expect them to do or sometimes you’ll experience chaos at home even after teaching them routines. Do not give them an eagle eye but instead, let things go sometimes. Try to talk and listen to them and do not force them. Anyhow, kids are still kids.

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In the end, parents’ busyness is getting extreme and somehow positive parenting may not be relentless at times. Living a simple family life may be achieved through consistency of routine and guidance and also a constant reconnection with them. Remember, being with kids is already rewarding for every parent. So for you, what tips best apply to you on how to live your best life with kids.

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