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Eating Mayonnaise During Pregnancy – Benefits and Risks

All women became sensitive about their food when they know that they are pregnant, and most of them wondering if it is safe to eat mayonnaise or not. Kingdomofbaby will talk in this article about the benefits and risks of eating mayonnaise during pregnancy.

Could pregnant women use mayonnaise?

Usually, mayonnaise is made of egg yolk, vegetable oil, and vinegar or orange juice, it is rich of protein which is a vital and necessary substance for the body. So pregnant woman can eat mayonnaise if it made by pasteurized egg, and it is safer if you made it at home by yourself because the main risk can come from mayonnaise that made by a raw egg. If you eat bad mayonnaise it will cause you some problems such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, headache, vomiting and abdominal pain and so on… it is also can cause a serious problem like body drought and create bacteria in the bloodstream, and definitely that will have a bad effect on the health and growing of your baby.

Types of mayonnaise

There are a lot of types of mayonnaise according to the egg and fat content, and you are free to choose whatever you want but as safety and healthy procedure is good to talk to your doctor before making your choice.

Here are some types of mayonnaise that you can find on the market:

Full-fat Mayonnaise: it contains between 70%-78% fat.

Light Mayonnaise: it contains a low-fat that has less than 25% and 5% egg, In addition, it may have a thickening agent like corn starch.

Extra Mayonnaise: It contains about 8% fat and 5% egg.

Nutritional values of mayonnaise

Whatever you choose the homemade or commercially made mayonnaise, it is very necessary to know the ingredients and the nutritional content to make sure that is the best and healthy choice for you and your baby.

Mayonnaise has very high calories, it is about 750 kilocalories for every 100 grams, in different count it is 95 kilocalories per one tablespoon.

In addition to mayonnaise has a lot of fat, one spoon of mayonnaise contains 5mg of cholesterol, and this can damage your baby, put on your mind that you definitely have an extra source of fat from another food, overdose fat can give you satiety feeling even you are not.

One spoon of mayonnaise has 4mg of cholesterol, also it has up to 125mg of sodium. The allowed daily salt intake should not be more than 2300mg.

Mayonnaise also has proteins and a lot of vitamins such as A, D, E, K, B6, and B12.

The benefits of eating the mayonnaise while the pregnancy

There are a lot of benefits of eating mayonnaise when you are pregnant and here are some of them:

Vitamin E: Just one spoon of mayonnaise has about 1.77mg of vitamin E. This vitamin is very good for your hair and skin. It also makes the risk of miscarriages and respiratory problems less and also helps to fix the blood sugar levels.

Vitamin K: Also one spoon of mayonnaise contains 24 micrograms of vitamin K. That vitamin is very necessary for the healthy development of your baby. In addition, vitamin K also helps in the clotting of blood. This is very necessary during labor and childbirth.

Vitamin A, B6, B12, and D: Every 100 grams of egg yolk in mayonnaise has 28%  of vitamin A, 54% of vitamin D, 20% of vitamin B6, and 33%  of vitamin B12 of the percentage daily value recommended for our consumption.

Can mayonnaise be harmful during pregnancy?

Excessive consumption of any kind of foods including mayonnaise can be harmful to you and your baby, here are some effects and risks of excessive mayonnaise consumption:

  • High Sodium: Mayonnaise has a high percentage of sodium, a small cup of mayonnaise will satisfy about 50% of your daily needs of sodium, also high sodium can be a reason of medical serious problem related to blood pressure which is dangerous for both the baby and the mother.
  • High-Calorie Content: Over-consumption of calories can excess weight. A pregnant woman normally needs to consume about 300 calories per day,  and this number is easy to get it from other foods and drinks and if you take a lot of mayonnaise you will get more than you need from calories and have overweight.
  • High Sugar: Mayonnaise is as well had the sugar content. It can cause gestational diabetes in pregnant women and her baby get an infection.
  • High Fat: As we mentioned before at Nutritional Values of Mayonnaise section; the mayonnaise has a lot of fat; plus the other fat that you will get from other sources will have an overdose more than recommended and that will harm the baby’s immune system. In addition, most of the studies said that mothers who consume a lot of fat; their babies will have obesity issues later in their life.

Any chemical ingredients that you have will up the possibilities to harm your baby and stunted growth; it also can harm you and cause some effects such as nausea and allergies.

Tips to choose the suitable mayonnaise

Here are some tips that assist you in choosing the right mayonnaise:

Check the manufacturing details: analyze the manufacturing details slowly to make sure it was made in a healthy way and also to know how the mayonnaise was prepared.

Read the label: Check the label to make sure that the mayonnaise does not contain raw eggs or any other bad ingredients.

Opt the ones which are made from pasteurized eggs: Usually, buy the mayonnaise which was prepared using the pasteurized eggs.

Avoid homemade or conventional brands: avoid homemade or conventional brands of mayonnaise; it probably contains bad eggs.

Ask for advice: If you are confused you can ask for advice or speak to your doctor.

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