How to Make a Fort for Kids?

How to Make a Fort for Kids?

When you have kids at home, building forts is one of the best ideas you can make for your kids. Forts are not limited to pillow forts. You can make blanket forts, cardboard forts or a fort with sheets and secret entrance and towers. Get ready to show off your creative side by designing your own style of forts for your kids. You can look for ideas and suggestions on how to make a fort for kids. You can make it extra cozy and special and your kids will definitely love to hang around.

Here are some ideas on how to make a fort for kids:

Wooden frame forts

A simple wooden framed fort is a nice way to put up a more permanent fixture. You can make it for a reading nook in your children’s bedroom or play area. It is easily made by putting a canvas fabric over a simple wooden frame. You can tie the ends with some strings and velcro. You can decorate it with nice bright colors and make it engaging for your kids. 

Couch fort

This is an amazing way to save space for your fort. There are spaces in between your couches that you can make use of to create a fort. You just need some fabric, pins, few nails, and clothespins and you’re good to go! You can create your own couch fort. You can design it in a way that your kids can make an entrance in between the couch and have space inside as well enough for them to sit in. Couch fort can be so cozy and comfortable when you use the right fabric and colors. Your kids will definitely stay in.

No-sew teepee

A no-sew teepee is a fun place for kids to play around and chill. This is amazing because it is just made from fabric and gluing. No need to sew! This requires very minimal work yet very fancy for kids. If you have an extra corner outside the bedroom or at the back terrace, this is a nice way to decorate a teepee. Kids will definitely love hanging around this fort especially when it is sturdy and colorful. 

Hula-hoop fort

This tricky but effective way to build up a fort requires just a hula-hoop and a bedsheet for the canopy effect. You can set it up inside your child’s bedroom and it will just occupy a little space. You can put many pillows, a soft cushion, and some lights so your kid can enter and hang out in there. This is very fancy and cozy for kids especially girls. They will definitely love it and stay in it forever. 

Toddler house fort

If you are getting serious about this whole fort thing, you can use the power tools to build one. You can make a little toddler house bed frame and decorate them with some cute stuff. You can put on a soft cushion, pillows, cute stuff toys, and some decorations. It will definitely make your toddler want to sleep. 

The 5 ideas above on how to make a fort for kids are just a few of so many nice ideas around. You can even make your own design and style depending on your preference. Just make sure that it is sturdy and won’t make any problems. You will be sure that your kids will love this extra effort you do to make them happy. 

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