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How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Pregnant

Discovering that you are pregnant is something that can change your life radically. It is likewise an emotional event. In case you have been trying to get pregnant or it was just unexpected because of a lack of cautions.

However, the important thing that occupies your mind is how to tell this happy event to your boyfriend. It is normal to worry. In fact, you are thinking about how he will react and how he can accept that reality.

Reflect On Your Feelings.

When you discover that you are pregnant, it is natural to go through a mixture of emotions. You might have doubts, excited, stressed, or surprised before announcing the news to your boyfriend, take it easy and take your time to calm down your feelings

  • At the time when you feel yourself you moved from the first shock, ask yourself various questions, For example:
    • “How do I feel about this pregnancy?”
    • “How will this change my life?
  • Think about what kind of reaction you are waiting for from your boyfriend. It is naturally that you want your boyfriend supporting you, In another hand you want him to be excited and happy about having a baby

Plan What You Want To Say.

In case that you are quite sure that your boyfriend will be happy, and the pregnancy news will be good for him, it will be much easier for you to figure out how to tell him. For example, you could just buy a baby toy and give it to him as an indication.

  • You might be kind of nervous and stressed to tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant. In case that the pregnancy was unplanned. And that is natural and understandable
  • Take a moment of thinking deeply about your goals for the conversation. And know if you are looking for emotional or financial support as an example.
  • Once you’ve known your goals, take some moments planning the conversation. It is important, in case you are afraid to get lost take notes to have with you. This will help you to figure out during the conversation.
  • Do some practice and rehearsal. For example, look at the mirror and repeat the speech that you are going to tell your boyfriend

Repeating what you like to say can help you to calm down and be confident. It can help you to relieve the stress and anxious feeling you had.

Choose The Right Time.

Discussing that important event it needs from you choosing the right time. Because talking about a serious subject like pregnancy with your boyfriend needs that both of you have plenty of time.

  • As and schedule a moment to talk to your boyfriend. By asking him fo a good time during the weekend to discuss an important thing.
  • In case of good or bad news, always wait for the right time to announce it. Try to avoid times when he’s back from work or school.
  • Choose a time when both of you free and in the right mood for talking. Avoid discussing subjects when you are both exhausted or getting ready for sleep

Speak Clearly.

Don’t forget that this pregnancy involves both of you, but it’s your own body. Don’t hesitate to tell your boyfriend how you feel about pregnancy.

  • While you are planning for a creative and sweet way to announce your pregnancy to your boyfriend, make sure that you will seem to be excited.
  • In case you are thinking to plan a themed dinner to announce the happy news. Try not just dropping hints, but tell him about the reason for the event.
  • In the off chance that the pregnancy was unplanned, try to tell him what do you feel, and let him know your fears about handling it to get his support.

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Be Respectful Of His Reaction.

Keep it in mind that you had time to understand what’s going on when you discovered your pregnancy. In the case of your boyfriend, he just knows the news. So, his reaction cannot be exactly what you are waiting for.

  • Knowing that he will become a new father can be a big surprise. Don’t get bothered by his first reaction it can be under shock or stress.
  • Let him clear his head, and give him some time to settle down. Try to suggest a walk or taking a shower to arrange his ideas.
  • Keep in mind that everyone manages the news in a different way; make him sure to express his emotions and everything he is thinking about.

Handle Conflict Effectively.

The discussion can take a negative way, especially when your boyfriend’s reaction is negative. It can be disappointed for you while you were waiting for a perfect and happy reaction from his side. In that case, there are many ways that can help you to handle the situation.

  • Listen to his thoughts and know if your boyfriend doesn’t want to have kids at all or just for this moment.
  • Determine and try to understand his reaction. In case that he just worried that you can’t afford a baby as a couple. In the meantime that you understand the problem, you can try to make a plan to make it work.
  • In the case that your boyfriend doesn’t want a baby and in your side you want it, you need to express clearly your emotions. And remind him that it’s your choice and you want the baby.
  • Try to give yourself the time and space that can make you deal with the situation, especially that during pregnancy you become very emotional because of pregnancy hormones.
  • In the off chance that you didn’t get the reaction that you were waiting for, it’s normal to be frustrated, try to ask your boyfriend to take time to think about it. Especially in that time, you are emotional because of the pregnancy, and your boyfriend still under the shock.

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