Many women do not understand why they cannot sleep during pregnancy and whether this affects the baby or not. The majority of women face sleep disorders, especially in the first few months. Most of them are afraid of their babies’ health and that is normal and acceptable. This article sheds light on the problem of insomnia during pregnancy and provides some tips to overcome this issue.

Why Does It Happen During Pregnancy?

Why does it happen during Pregnancy?

 As we all know, there are many changes that occur during pregnancy for women. Some of them are psychological while others are physiological and biochemical. What is included in this paragraph are the physiological and biochemical changes? Insomnia begins to occur strongly in the first trimester. It is a result of a dramatic hormonal change that accompanies pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone levels rise throughout pregnancy, reaching the peak and fall rapidly after delivering. This causes sleeping disorders and insomnia foremost. However, you should take it easy and keep in mind that it is just a period of time and it is going to fade away.

The other factor which causes insomnia is purely psychological. Pregnant women are always thinking of the baby and what they could do to get to the safe harbor with their pregnancy. This, of course, leads to psychological problems. There is always the obsession of “what if”. Anxiety or depression caused by asking a lot of questions always prevents people from seeing things as they are. But generally speaking, what we have to keep in mind is that Insomnia does not affect the baby, but it does affect the mother.

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Steps To Beat Insomnia Caused By Psychological, Physiological And Biochemical Changes:

 There have been two main reasons behind insomnia discussed in the previews two paragraphs. The first one, which revolves around physiological and biochemical changes, is inescapable. Thus, it must be dealt with through patience and through the remedies of the psychological side. Of course, there is a path to follow so that you can manage to control your psychological changes. The most obvious ones are taking a break if you are working, traveling, practicing yoga. This kind of change breaks the wheel which spins in only one direction and that causes psychological relief. As a result, it is reflected in the physiological and biochemical sides in parallel.

Usual Habits Which Cause Insomnia During Pregnancy:

Usual Habits which Cause Insomnia during Pregnancy:

 The physiological, biochemical and psychological reasons behind insomnia for pregnant women are seen on the surface, which makes them visible for the pregnant woman. And if it is clear enough, then a solution is there. But the problems caused by habits are something that our conscious mind is ignoring. However, they are easy to overcome in a short time. Better to recognize them. Actually, there are many, but I highlight the major and common ones. On top of those habits which cause insomnia is hunger and spicy food. Pregnant women should eat healthy food, which will affect positively the fetus as well. This is not something difficult to do, especially that it is important for them and the babies.

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Another habit, which should be avoided, is sleeping at different times each night. When you sleep each night at a different time, you make the brain confused about at what time it shuts down. This problem is caused by staying up late watching T.V, surfing on the net, chatting with a friend and many other things which prevent you from sleeping at a particular time. A pregnant woman has to fix the time in which she goes to bed. In addition, the bedroom should be a dark cool place in order to help you relax and stay away from anything that can disturb your sleeping.

Sometimes all that we need to overcome trouble is to carefully understand it. We do not have to panic if we face a problem and isolate ourselves in the corner. Communicate your problem, share it with the rest of the world and face it boldly. Insomnia during pregnancy is nothing compared to women who were exposed to radiation in the area around Hiroshima and Nagasaki or Chernobyl. With a little bit of hope and courage, everything could be overcome.

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