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Introducing Some Strong and Empowering Names for Your Little One

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Introducing Some Strong And Empowering Names For Your Little One

The names that are strong as well as powerful effects the nature of a child in a different way. A child with strong name easily depicts the unwavering determination and will power. If you are looking for an appropriate name for your baby girl, then after reading this piece you might end up giving the perfect name as a gift to your cute little angel. We have made a collection that consists of strong as well as powerful names for your baby girl. These names are derived from Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Old German along with Old English cultures. The names from this list might appear to be an empowering naming option for your little one and who knows you might end up giving her a name from this list only.


This name has its roots in the Sanskrit language. It has a very empowering and wonderful meaning, Aadya could be defined as a power responsible behind rising five senses as well as five elements. It is also one of the names of Hindu Goddess Durga.


This name means noble strength, it became even more popular due to chic and radiant star Audrey Hepburn. A saint from the 6th century who got recognition in middle ages was also named Audrey.


This name could be rightly said as the French version of a very lovely name Valeria that means health and strength. This name was quite popular during the late 18th century and especially during the 1880s. A girl gets some boldness with it as this name is associated with valor. A medieval saint known as Valerie was martyred so it is quite sacred as well.


This name might appear as exotic and simple at the same time and meaning of this beautiful name is strong. It is also unique in its own way by being not common among a lot of girls and this makes it quite exotic as well. Names like Ava and Ariana that could be heard quite often can be easily replaced by Adira.


This name is not very furious but it simply gives a sense of the sophisticated image. It became popular when a character from Klute the movie was named as Bree. This name means exalted one or strength and characters in many best-seller novels have also been named Bree.


We all have heard a very famous name among boys that is Andrew and its meaning is strong. It would not be wrong to say that Andrea could be considered as a female version for Andrew. This name also has a different type of pronunciation you might select the one that sounds best for the personality of your baby.


This name means counsel power, there is a nuance of old age in this name. This is also due to Ma Rainey she was also referred to as Blue’s Mother along with that there are also some celebrities from different eras who have the same name.


The meaning of this name is strong and brave. A place in Spain is also known as Valencia if you want a famous, as well as empowering name for your daughter considering this name, might not be a wrong choice.


If you have read pastoral poetry or Greek mythology, you might have heard this name as well. Its meaning is one that constitutes the power of healing. It is also the name of a very famous tennis player belonging from the African-American race.


Originated from Germany, this name means someone who is brave and strong like a bear. It might be considered as a very liked and cute name for a girl one of the female characters from a popular tv show in America is also named Bernadette.


This name has its origination back in the 12th century, Jerusalem’s Queen was also known as Melisende. The literal meaning of this name is for someone who is very good and strong at work.


Another female version for a popular men name, we all might have heard Brian in some literature or seen a character named the same even the guy next door might have the same name. However, its feminine variant is not that common and it looks very classy on girls.


It is a very charming name and has its own uniqueness. The meaning of Philomena is a strength lover. According to the Mythology of Greece, there was a princess of Athenia and her name was Philomena. God himself transforms that princess to a nightingale in order to protect her from a cruel King. A very young Roman martyr was also named Philomena.


This name also means strength. It is quite artistic and suits best on beautiful and lovely girls. It might be considered as a female version for the name Valentine, it’s empowering as well because the first woman who went in the space was Valentina Tereshkova.


It might be considered as a common name in Germany, the meaning of this short and simple name is strength’s spear. It is considered as an innocent as well as a sincere name for the girl child.

There are several other names also that sound quite empowering as well as sweet. You can also consider Gertrude, Millicent, Isa, Karen, and Brighid, etc. as the name for your baby girl. The list is even longer but we have selected the best from all, pick the right one.   

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