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Is it Normal to Not Feel Pregnant at 5 Weeks?

Even though it just five weeks of being pregnant, there are lots of changes happening already in your body. The umbilical cord and the placenta are already developing to channel oxygen and essential nutrients from your body to the embryo. Nutrients like calcium, folic acid and vitamins are important in the healthy development of your baby. 

In five weeks, the neural tube continues to develop and become the spinal column and the brain. A good way to support your baby’s growth and development is taking at least 400 mg of folic acid daily. 

By this time, your baby’s heart is also developing as well. The heartbeat can also be detected in the next week which is the sixth week. Your baby is still very small but he or she will grow very quickly. At this stage, your little one is like the size of an orange seed or a grain of rice. 

Some women notice symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and tender breasts. These symptoms are common. You can treat your body by soaking in a warm bath or taking a nap. You can also start adopting healthier habits compared to what you used to before pregnancy. You should remember to avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages. You can include moderate exercise and take prenatal vitamins. Consult your healthcare provider for more specific and guided prescriptions. 

However, is it normal to not feel pregnant at 5 weeks? What if you are symptom-free? Actually, some women feel and look completely normal at five weeks as if they don’t feel that they are pregnant. For five weeks of pregnancy, your belly may appear unchanged and it may just look and feel bloated. It is best to consult your doctor if you have questions on the symptoms you are experiencing or if there are no symptoms at all that makes you feel uneasy. Some symptoms won’t kick in for another week or so, you just have to wait. 

What you should do when you are five weeks pregnant?

Eat well and healthy

If you are on five weeks of your pregnancy, eat well. This will sustain your energy and keep it at a high level. If you eat healthily, your baby will also benefit from the nutrients he or she gets. Small meals but regular meals and frequent drinks can prevent you from indigestion which is very common.

A daily dose of Vitamin C, D, and Folic Acid

You also need lots of Vitamin C daily. Daily supplements of folic acid and vitamin D is also very important. It will help your baby in his or her growth and development. Good sources of Vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, potatoes, and red or green peppers.

Seek professional advice to monitor the condition of your baby 

You also need to seek advice on common side effects, diet, and exercise for pregnant women, especially on your stage. You need to book an antenatal appointment as well with your GP or midwifery service so you can monitor the condition and development of your baby. 

When you are at your five weeks of pregnancy, here is a more comprehensive checklist that you can use:

  • You need to schedule your first prenatal appointment so you can make sure of your baby’s condition.
  • Get ready with all your normal reactions to being pregnant. You are going to feel excited, worried, anxious, and ecstatic. It is going to be a mix of so many emotions.
  • You can take a warm bath or take a nap to soothe any backaches or cramps. 
  • If you are drinking alcohol or smoking, you need to cut off these habits immediately.
  • You can also try to do research, read books, and ask around for more pregnancy tips and advice. 

We hope that this article has helped moms who are in their five weeks of pregnancy or anyone who is going through their pregnancy journey. We hope that you apply what you learn and do your best to give birth to a healthy, smart and happy bundle of joy.

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