Is it Safe to do Sit Ups During Pregnancy

Is it Safe to do Sit Ups During Pregnancy

Staying fit is one of the desired goals of a woman while she is pregnant. This is of course not only for her own sake but most especially for the unborn life inside her. Different ways to achieve this are all over there. Some are even enrolling in the gym doing mild workouts during the first trimester of their pregnancy. To others, walking and having a few jogs in the park is their choice of tea. One type of exercise popular to women during their pregnancy is sit-ups. This is believed to strengthen the core muscles to ease labor pains on delivery. Are there any benefits you can obtain underlying it? When is the best time to do this in the course of your pregnancy? Is there any danger accompanied by doing this? We’ ll let you know all the things you need to below!

Can Pregnant women perform sit-ups?

Sit-ups or in other word crunches is easy and quite safe in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the first four months of your pregnancy, it is actually recommended but in an only moderate manner. Moreover, it is important to make sure you do this exercise along with correct precautions. Look for a comfortable place to work this out, be alert for any mood or physical changes and most especially stop right away if you experience any unpleasant conditions such as pain. Vomiting, dizziness, and fainting are just some of the symptomatic effects of doing sit-ups if you resume it in your second and third trimester of pregnancy. This happens because the vena cava which is the large vein that supplies the heart with poor oxygen is being pressured from the increase of the fetus cramps in the internal abdominal space. You may likely experience disoriented states because the blood circulation towards the heart slowed. Experts advised to lie down on the left side of your body to allow continuous blood flow in your heart. You can perform other exercises like yoga for the abdomen as an alternative for this. 

Consult your doctor before doing sit-ups

It is always the best idea to see your doctor before doing anything that could put your pregnancy in a delicate state. Your doctor might allow you to continue exercising if you had minimal to no complications while doing it. Put in mind that exercises which put you to tension may lead to problems.

How can sit-ups be done during pregnancy?

You can perform sit-ups in the comfort of your home. Below are the ways you can do sit-ups while you are pregnant.

  • Place a mat on the floor and lie on your back flat against it.
  • Bend your legs at the knees, keeping your soles firmly against the floor.
  • Put your hands behind your head to start.
  • First, breathe out and lift your entire torso towards your knees.
  • Breathe in and return back to your starting position. This counts as one rep.
  • Perform the exercise in three sets of ten reps each.
  • Remember, there is no rest time between each rep, but around two minutes before each set.
  • You can increase the number of sets or repetitions over time.

Remember these things while doing sit-ups during pregnancy

  • Drink enough amount of water and have a balanced diet to prevent any weakness physically and cramped muscles. 
  • If possible, execute your workout indoors that is away from harmful sunlight.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes. Do not wear any clothing that may shave off the circulation of breathing.
  • Just keep the workout light in order for your body temperature not to rise as this can lead to complications.
  • Put in mind that it is fine to miss out your workout sesh. You don’t have to be strict in your routine.
  • Only do this when you feel like doing it, just listen to your body.
  • Avoid executing more than twenty repetitions in one set.
  • Do not exercise if you feel exhausted, ill or having unforeseen symptoms.
  • Do not even try this when you are having a twin pregnancy. 

What are the benefits of sit-ups during pregnancy?

Sit-ups increase muscle strength and flexibility in your pelvic regions and abdomen so it may ease labor pains during delivery. Other benefits are included below.

  • It improves overall strength from a stronger core.
  • A common pregnancy symptom which is lower back pain can be reduced its intensity and risk.
  • It aids in the development and maintenance of posture and balance.
  • It enhances the support in the back muscles that lives through great strain because of the pressure from the growing uterus.
  • Keeping the abdominal region in shape which helps you recover quickly after giving birth.
  • Making normal delivery a lot easier.

You should stop doing sit-ups during pregnancy if:

  • You are suffering from a headache.
  • You are lightheaded or feeling dizzy.
  • You are having difficulty in breathing.
  • You are feeling any discomfort and pain in your abdomen.
  • You are having a discharge from your vagina or bleeding.

Being pregnant does not halt you from your exercise routine. As a matter of fact, lots of studies have shown that exercising during pregnancy actually improves not only your physical health but your emotional state as well. You do not have to refrain from your workout routine if your pregnancy is going as expected and your baby is well at the same time. Moreover, it gives you the abdominal strength that you would be greatly needed when your delivery comes. However, as we always say, consult your doctor if unexpected things occur.  

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