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Miscarriage Outcomes: What Happens to Your Body After?

Having a miscarriage is considered one of the most painful, traumatic and devastating events that may happen in a woman’s life. All her excitement and joy are gone. A woman will not only undergo a spiritual or emotional pain, but she also can experience some physical pain upon losing the unborn child.

This is down moments upon a woman’s life, where she needs compassion, love, and support in all aspects either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Having some counseling or psychological help can help her ease, manage and deal with such grief.

She should receive emotional healing, for her to cope up with the loss and would have a blossoming hope of conceiving or trying again. Yet, before anything, it is important that she should be healed physically to prepare the body before trying again.

Below are the possible aftermaths of what happens to your body after a miscarriage.

More tired feeling and difficulty in sleeping

These are the common outcome after the miscarriage where a lot of women have felt like fatigue and sleep difficulty. This is like going through birthing without any joy or happiness in the end. When a woman is under strong pressure and aches, she can even feel the fear for her safety. The best thing you can do is to respond calmly and patiently. You can ask for some advice from her doctor, get some yoga or light exercises for her to be more relaxed and able to get enough sleep while her level of energy has been increased.

Every individual has a different reaction to stress. So, you need to have a strong support system, a team that is equipped to comprehend and address her needs. Above all, the family and friend’s support is much needed in this challenging period of her life.

Unusual cramping with pelvic pain and high fever

If the fever reaches above 38°C or 100°F, this signifies body infection that needs an immediate response. Unusual cramping or Pelvic pain can simply mean that there are hidden issues in the body or it was not properly healed. The woman should see her medical practitioner right away to check and assure that the body is healing slowly as it is supposed to.

If it is an infection, a particular medication is needed to achieve healing. She must get the best health care to regain her strength and have the right amount of time to handle the emotional results that she has encountered and still needs to go through. She needs the right doctor to have got a full recovery and undying support from home to get back to her normal state.

Several weeks of increased bleeding

The doctor will advise you that there is a certain time frame that you will be bleeding as part of the unfortunate effects of the miscarriage. But, if the increased bleeding has lasted for more than two weeks, that would be another story and something dangerous. You should rush yourself to the hospital as the bleeding develops over a long period. This may mean any medical concerns that are needed to be treated out right away in regards to what happens to your body after a miscarriage.

Mood swings

Mood swings simply illustrate the shifting of feelings of the person. One minute she can be like her old self, so happy and energetic but looks overwhelmed and depressed in another minute. Any type of lifestyle practice, either positive or negative can impact the emotional equilibrium on how they can cope or adjust in things from one moment to another.

Tender chest with milk coming In

If you have a full-time delivery having milk coming in with tender breast is expected. But, this can happen in the 2nd trimester of the miscarriage. This can be so brutal or devastating in the side of the woman both physically and psychologically, this may take time to get healed since this is directly connected to pregnancy.

Change of energy levels and appetite

The impact is not necessarily the same. Since other women tend to have higher energy and bigger appetite, while others are the total opposite. If the woman is premenstrual, another woman can be differently affected. She must have a complete understanding that her body is unique and so as its needs. Hormones can be the cause also, she should not hesitate to seek medical or psychological help.

Irregular cycle/abnormal periods

Commonly after the event of a miscarriage, the menstrual cycle of the woman can be irregular, in some cases, it did not get back to its usual flow. This can be normal since the body has gone through a certain trauma. This is difficult not just in the physical aspect. You should be able to monitor your sleeping, eating and going the extra mile to take care of yourself as the body is slowly settling back to how it is used to be.

The best person to inquire in the questions about handling such discomforts after having a miscarriage is the doctor. You can also have some time sharing with other women who had the same situation or experience as part of the support groups for a fasting healing and moving on.

Bad odor and strange color discharge 

In some cases, other physical consequences may appear such as vaginal discharge with bad odor and strange colors like green and yellow. This is not usual but could happen. Most of the time it looks so spooky and unpleasant. You need to ask your doctor right away, hence this can be a sign of an infection that needs quick medical attention. Even if this can be something minor, go straight to the hospital if any weird color and odor will come out, this is a general rule.

As to what happens to your body after a miscarriage, you need to be strong enough to become robust and well again. In this way, you can gather enough strength and motivation to keep going. Never give up, keep always trying until you reach the dream of being a mom.

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