You are obsessed with mixed babies! Then you lose these things We all know these people.

Some of us are those people: those who see an ethnically dark child in the subway or in the Target line and are very attentive to their caramel-colored skin, some curls and clear eyes.

“This baby is so cute!” We say this if we don’t try to be super obvious. Or if we really want to go there: “I love mixed kids”

Mixed Babies Dilemma

Where there is our unconscious racial bias, and where you can see narrow curls, dark skin, and brown eyes, unwanted “total darkness.”

That’s exactly what comedian Francesca Ramsey explained so well in a recent video titled “a Lot of issues with” I want to want mixed children.”

There Ramsey, a black woman who is married to a white man, tells how frustrating it is when people imagine that she has children and imagine that they will be very beautiful because they will not be a single race.

“This idea of being white is kind of more pleasant or attractive, or more desirable, in short, people see that blackness is not attractive or desirable,” Ramsey says. “And that’s too bad, because I’m not a race, and I’m damn charming.”

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white is more attractive than to be a black person

“This idea of being white is partially somehow more pleasing or appealing, or more desirable.

In brief, people see that blackness is not attractive or desirable,” Ramsey says. “And that’s so wrong because I’m not biracial. And I’m charming as hell.”

Blackness Is Not Attractive Or Desirable

Blackness is not attractive or desirable

For those who say these things come from a good place, Ramsay adds, but the intent doesn’t change the impact.

The lack of intention to spread racist standards of beauty does not mean that this does not happen.

In fact, it is understandable how deeply ingrained these ideas have been in our culture since slavery and the idea of race as such when slaves with the purest skin are often the result of the rape of black women by white owners.

Slaves with darker skin receive special treatment.

This problem still haunts this country and manifests itself in the seemingly innocuous obsession with mixed children.

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That s wrong black people are more attractive that the white ones

It doesn’t even point to the obvious: many black Americans have some sort of mixed ancestry.

Historian and columnist Jelani Cobb wrote something about it in the New Yorker during Rachel Dolezal’s controversy.

“Almost all of us who have been identified as African American in this country, with the exception of some recent immigrants, have at least a little white background,” Cobb writes.

So let’s celebrate blackness in all its glory.

Tell us what do you think about the idea that white people are more attractive than black ones?

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