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More Fun with Baby Bump

The adventure in pregnancy is surreal fun. Most pregnant women are happy to announce that they are pregnant. They are very flattered whenever they were congratulated by their friends and loved ones. Some would even announce it on social media and post pictures of their adventures. They would even have maternity photoshoot because according to them, flaunting your pregnant body and just being proud of it and its changes are one way of celebrating. They wanted a remembrance of their 9 months adventure with their little angel.

The moment a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she gets very cautious with what she is doing with her body. You might be convinced that your body changes over time. A majority would experience morning sickness and feel dizzy in the first trimester. Some would also claim that they haven’t even tried feeling sick even it’s on their first three months of pregnancy. Every mother has her own story to tell. Let us discover the cycle and the adventure a pregnant woman could experience. What everyone needs to know and expect in the upcoming days most especially if their baby bump gets bigger and bigger every day.

What are the common experiences in the first trimester?

During the first trimester of the pregnancy, the tiny circle you see in ultrasound is turning into a fetus that is about the size of an apple. The first weeks of trimester that’s the time your little angel’s heart, lungs, spinal cord, liver, limbs, and the head will form. Your uterus by that time is ready to become a place. The placenta of the umbilical cord at the end of the third month will take its place also and will be developed.

Week 9 of the first trimester is the most exciting.  The life inside of your womb is little by little moving. But you as a mother, you still can’t feel the movements yet. Wait until the second trimester and you’ll know. On the 11th week, your little angel’s heart is already beating and can be heard in the ultrasound. At the end of the third month, all vital organs and body parts will be in the right place. Exciting isn’t it?

What to keep in mind during the first trimester?

The thing here is, you are pregnant. The moment you know that you are pregnant, you must be careful about everything. The food you eat and the medicines you will take and so on. You must seek advice for everything you will put to your body. What you eat will actually have an effect on your baby. It is important to have a balanced diet, not diet that you have to starve yourself because of the body goals, but to follow the nutritious pregnancy diet. Medicine intake is a very serious matter. Before you take vitamins or any other pain reliever, you must first ask your doctor about it.

Baby’s development on the second trimester

Based on the survey, the second trimester is the most comfortable and enjoyable stage of pregnancy. The morning sickness you experienced during the first trimester is actually over and your belly is not that huge yet. Well, for some, only a little discomfort can happen but it is still bearable. As the baby continues to grow and develop, you got to have that kind of power and energy to handle it. It’s hard but it is fun.

The second trimester of pregnancy will bring something different. The baby develops from being an apple to a big one. The baby bump now is more visible and observable. You will also start to feel the movement of the baby than in the first trimester. You need to have a regular check-up to your doctor to check your health and the health of the baby. You can now check the baby’s gender in the ultrasound if only you wanted to. The doctor also will now confirm your due date.

What to keep in mind during the second trimester?

Since your baby bump is already really obvious, you need to be at least very careful with your movements. Some would say that on their second trimester, they would have a feeling out of breath, feeling dizzy and gets tired every time. These are some factors that need to be observed in the second trimester:

  • Continuing your pregnancy diet must still be observed. Your appetite will return and you must eat more because you are feeding yourself and the baby inside you.
  • Develop an exercise routine to gain energy.
  • You must have a good sleep.

What happens in the third trimester?

The third trimester is actually the time your baby bump looks like a ball. Your belly has still plenty of growing to do. Don’t be afraid. You are almost there. It may feel like your baby bump can’t get any bigger, but don’t bother about it because it will really grow big over the course of the last trimester. Take a look at the development of the baby inside of you.

  • Your baby’s bones are developing already and he needs to get calcium from you. So never forget to eat foods that are rich in calcium.
  • Baby’s skin, hair, and nails are also developing
  • The five senses will be fully developed
  • The digestive system starts to build-up
  • Baby’s brain will grow faster

Final words

With that busy life inside of your belly, you are probably very tired as well. As your baby bump gets bigger, the more you are very careful about everything. Pregnancy is really the essence of being a woman. That’s one thing a man cannot do. Enjoy the rest of the journey you will experience. Some women aspire to be a mother but still cannot do. Be thankful and have fun while flaunting your baby bump as it gets bigger every month.

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