Babies are completely dependent on their parents because they provide them with the warmth, food, and comfort that babies need. Crying is a way to communicate with them and to get a response in return. But what is hard to find is the reason behind this communication. There can be various reasons that the baby considers crying for and you have to know the reasons for her crying before she develops some other ways of communication. The following are some of the most common reasons that babies cry.

The Reasons Behind Babies Crying

Babies Cry: Hunger

 This is the most common reason for babies to cry and this is the first thing that you have to think about. You have to learn the signs of hunger coming from your baby because then you can feed your baby before he starts to cry for it. Some of the hunger signs in the newborn babies are lip-smacking, fussing and most commonly putting their hands in the mouth.

Babies Cry: Stomach Problem

 An upset stomach can also make your baby cry. But don’t worry this is not a very serious problem to get worried about. This can be simply because of the gas or colic in the stomach. Tummies that are associated with gas problems lead babies to lots of crying. Colic is a mysterious condition that can lead your baby to cry for up to three hours a day or a week. This happens after the feeding process when they get some tummy pain. Even a gas pain can be miserable for your baby so ask your doctor for the proper medication.

Your Baby Needs To Burp

 Although burping is not mandatory, it can make your baby cry. This also happens during the feeding process. If your baby is crying after the feeding process, then he might need a good burp, and that’s all. The reason behind this is that babies swallow air while breastfeeding. Even when they suck milk from the bottle, they swallow some amount of air with it. And if this pair doesn’t get released then it causes discomfort for your baby. Most babies are bothered by having air in their tummies and when they don’t seem to burp they start crying.

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Babies Cry: Sleep

 Newborn babies should simply be able to sleep anywhere and anytime. But what we don’t know that tired babies find it hard to go to sleep then we realize. And when they find it hard to go to sleep they start to fuss and cry. A loud “shhh” sound might not help them. You just have to hold her close and talk to her in a soft voice. This works with most of the babies, and you should try it too.

Wants To He Held

 Babies loved being cuddled. They like to see the face of their parents and to hear their voices. They detect the unique smell of their parents and when they cry they might be signaling that they want them to hold her closely. But you have to be very careful because you can spoil your baby by holding her so much, especially in the first few months. You can wrap your baby in a soft blanket and can hold her in a nursing position. This will keep your baby calm, and within minutes she will be sleeping in your arms.

 These are some of the reasons that most of the babies cry, and they wanted their parents or caretakers to let know about their conditions. So next time you find your baby crying consider these reasons and try to resolve these problems.

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