Mother Son Relationship That Is Wrong

As the child matures, the relationship with the mother must also mature. Over time, a child will theoretically always become an independent adult once dependence. However, in some cases, the relationship between the mother and the adult son or daughter is delayed. Everyone gets stuck in their old role, and healthy boundaries are blurred or eroded.

Harmful Remains Of Unhealthy Mother-son Relationship And Child Happiness:

Mother’s love is not always unconditional. Sometimes causes pain. This also leads to many conditions that leave a long-term effect. An example of this is the problem of an adult son controlling the mother. These children carry the burden of these bad relationships during adulthood.

How about their children? Son? This is the mother of the phrase in the current account. Our culture tends to emphasize the relationship between mother and daughter. This ignores the often painful relationship between son and mother.

Oedipus’s complex shade Freud theory seems to contribute to this. It focuses on the relationship between father and son. The movie industry often considers the less popular relationship between son and mother. Numerous movies by Alfred Hitchcock show the influence of a reigning mother on a child’s life.

So we need a more realistic discussion of these situations and more detailed work. We are talking about issues that are difficult to recognize. In any case, the concept of “ forced ” gender still exists. Potential masculine self-concept codes often refer to the difficulty of seeking male help.

The relationship between an adult son and mother is important both for building one’s identity and for communicating with others. As a result, the shadow of a powerful mother can have a serious impact on independence and happiness. It can also be very difficult for him to get out of this addiction pattern when the mother makes all decisions for his son.

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If the son still regards his mother as an absolute priority in his life, the relationship is very unhealthy even before the partner. This can help regret and guilty of the son feels he also hesitates if he does not contact his mother. The scary cycle begins when anger becomes guilty and vice versa.

That doesn’t mean it’s wrong for the mother and son. If you are involved in any relationship, it is good whether it is a mother or a son. A person who can be intimate with a deeper understanding of life and feeling of himself.

But there are lines that should never intersect. In a connection, if it is too close, it can be dangerous for both of you.

The Mother Which Is More Protective.

Mothers tend to struggle to get their sons to go. As he grows up, it is important that his relationship with his mother grows and is a safe foundation for him to explore who he wants to be. Mothers need to protect their children. However, if your son, as well as your mother, become unhealthy, you will be over-protected too.

 Substitute Woman.

The mother has an unfortunate mother-child relationship that replaces the relationship she should have with her accomplice for indistinguishable sentiments from her child. The husband/father no longer lives with family Or you may have died. It is conceivable that you don’t give the degree of enthusiastic help that a lady needs or that you affront her. In a way, it was natural that she headed to her son as the closest male partner.

However, the fact that the husband/father is not trained by someone who should or should not be responsible for his role is that he is not well trained.

Impact On Children Due To a Bad Relationship With Parents:

 Lie / Reuse And Rejection

A child raised under the influence of a self-motivated mother did not have time to build a real strong personality. Therefore, a very repetitive survival mechanism for these people is the use of lies. First of all, do not let your mother disappoint, avoid guilt, and do not use it as an adult using childhood behavior. The lies protect you, hide your emotions, please your mother and help you survive in all situations.

Failed Relationship And Boycott

The manipulator’s mother regards his son as his property. These toxic relationships have serious consequences for her emotional development, psychological maturity, independence, and decision-making capacity. The obvious result is intimacy and the absolute difficulty of establishing a true emotional relationship with your partner.

As a result, mothers often do not hesitate to help their son find their space and build a happy life with others. This leads to suspicion of the spirit of the adult son and his own boycott is almost constant at the point of failure in any relationship.

Result Of Malfunctioning Mother-daughter Relationship.

A pattern of dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships can disrupt subsequent attachment development. According to a study published in Journal Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy in 2004, the relationship model is highly dependent on the type of model experienced in childhood. In this study, subjects examined their childhood experiences and current intimate functions from 1509 to 1850. The researchers, people with a more positive and loving relationship with their parents, to have a more active and safe intimate relationship as an adult was discovered. People who have a negative relationship may want to learn this if they find themselves in a difficult attachment relationship with an adult partner.

by extending a certain level, it can be said that the bad relationship between mother and son or daughter is sometimes unhealthy. In addition, it is not easy for parents and children to abandon their obligations because most children are very dependent on their mothers, ” says psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, but this is the feeling of mothers and children basis is required for the development . mother must learn to help you become an adult a child is independent, it is adult children towards their own world to give up their feelings.

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