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Motrin: Is it Safe to Take When Pregnant?

During pregnancy, pregnant women can’t avoid having those muscles cramping up. And in general, we take pain-relieving medications. But in the case of pregnancy, it is not recommended to take painkillers during pregnancy. Studies have shown that taking NSAIDs or Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, naproxen and Aspirin have bad effects on a pregnant woman. FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has sufficient studies that taking Motrin (Ibuprofen) during the third trimester of pregnancy has significant harmful effects on your unborn child.

A study shows that taking Ibuprofen during pregnancy causes the passage of the baby’s heart to close impulsively, which always results in permanent heart or lung damage. And in worst cases, death among babies may happen. Research also shows that taking Motrin during the early stages of pregnancy causes an increase in the chances of having a miscarriage. It has also shown that taking Motrin is linked to an increased blood pressure of Newborn’s lungs.

Never take Ibuprofen 30 weeks onwards

Taking pain medications such as Ibuprofen early pregnancy or Aspirin during this stage of pregnancy is known to increase the risk of complications and ailments, such as heart-related problems and a low amount of amniotic fluid in the body of the newborn. But if you took ibuprofen third trimester, you should call your doctor immediately.

Taking of motrin during pregnancy 

When a woman is pregnant, she is very cautious about the medicines she will take. In the case of taking a Motrin, a pregnant woman should always know better. Check on these guidelines if a pregnant woman is allowed to take Motrin. 

Taking Ibuprofen before 30 weeks of pregnancy

It is in the best interest of both Mother and Child to avoid taking Ibuprofen as much as possible, unless the benefit of taking Ibuprofen outweighs the potential risk of your baby. It is best to avoid it because as stated at the top, it increases the risk of miscarriage. And when you took Ibuprofen, always ask the help of a trusted health professional.         

Can I take tylenol when pregnant?

Some doctor suggests that taking Tylenol for pain relief is a better option than taking Ibuprofen, as it has a well-documented history of being safe when taken during pregnancy, So, taking Tylenol while pregnant is of your own choice.

Can you take Aleve when pregnant?

Aleve is still a Class C drug which means that it has evidence saying it has bad effects on a fetus when a Mother animal has taken Aleve. But there is still no conclusive evidence occurred to humans, it is advised when taking Aleve to clear the benefits if it outweighs the risks. 

What I can take for headaches while pregnant?

Paracetamols are often prescribed to pregnant women because it is safe for them to take it.

Can ibuprofen cause miscarriage at 20 weeks?

As stated earlier, taking ibuprofen during pregnancy will most likely increase the risk of miscarriage. So, it’s best to avoid it.

What can I take instead of ibuprofen?

There are a lot of alternatives and certain medications that can replace Motrin. But it is important to check first with your healthcare physician.

Paracetamol- or known as Acetaminophen is considered safe when taken during pregnancy to reduce the level of pain. However, whenever pregnant, always avoid taking medications if necessary.  

Antacids- Acid reflux/heartburn is common during pregnancy, and you may want to take antacids for relief. And remember to talk to your doctor whenever taking antacids.

It is also not recommended to administer pregnant women when in labor and delivery, it may prolong the on-set of labor and bleeding leading to a greater tendency to affect the mother and child.

NSAIDs aren’t often prescribed during pregnancy as it may impair female fertility. Avoid medicines during pregnancy It is best to avoid taking pain-relief medications during pregnancy and medication in general. Particularly during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Sometimes, we don’t necessarily need to take medication when having common colds and aches. And if some circumstances you need to take it, always ask the advice of the doctor.


Can you take Motrin while Pregnant? The answer will always depend on you. But it is important to know that taking Motrin 30 weeks onwards is a no-no. When taking Ibuprofen before 30 weeks, you should weigh the risks and benefits. Lastly, It is important to prioritize the welfare of your unborn child. If you are looking for a smooth pregnancy, try to avoid medications as much as possible or as advised by your doctor.

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