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Mouthwatering Homemade Jello Recipes for Kids

Oh, Jello! What a fun and nice treat, especially during summer. Kids are so much in love with a colorful and delicious treat. Jello recipes are a great addition to your table. If you want to make yummy, cool and jiggly homemade jello recipes for kids, take a look at the suggestions written below.

1. Jello sherbet ice cream

First on the list of homemade jello recipes for kids is the jello sherbet ice cream. You can’t get enough with this sweet and creamy ice cream. With its incredible and mouthwatering taste, you wouldn’t believe that this one is made with jello. You can’t resist the charm and taste of this easy and fun to create treat.

2. Homemade jello gummy bears

I’m sure kids can resist the charm of gummy bears. Your kids will not only eat this gummy bear, but they will surely help you make this recipe. The kids love the Jello gummy bears version because of its sweetness. The colorful and bright colors of jello add charm to the overall appearance of this treat.

3. Christmas Jello

Your kids will surely can’t get over with Christmas Jello. This recipe is not only applicable for Christmas, but for different occasions as well through changing the gelatin. Making a stained glass pattern or layering the jello can make a good presentation. Aside from that, molding the jello can make and create a wonderful appearance too.

4. Jello cookies

If you are looking for bright color cookies, this treat is the best for you. It has fabulous and fun colors that will catch the attention of your kids. Sure enough that your children will not only love eating this sweet, but they will also love making these cookies with you

5. Strawberry jello pie

For sure, your kids will crave for this delightful and fresh jello pie. The pie and strawberry filling together with creamy whipped cream make it the best of its kind.

6. Jello fishbowl

This creative and fun idea is perfect for your kids. The idea of creating gummy fish inside a jello filled bowl is fantastic. This one is ideal for the beach or pool themed party.

7. Rainbow pudding pops

These eye-catching and colorful treats are a great recommendation for your kids. Rainbow pudding pops are a super yummy and cute treat that your family will surely enjoy.

8. Jello parfaits

Yogurt and jello in a single recipe? Why not. This jello parfait treat is festive and fun to create. Layered with different colors makes it look like a rainbow. Take note, each layer of the parfait is only a few minutes to make which doesn’t require you to wait for a day to set up everything. Your kids will ask more and more of this treat.

9. Creamy and delicious peach pie

In addition to our homemade jello recipes for kids is the creamy and delicious peach pie. This pie is made up of five simple ingredients. Peach jello, peaches and vanilla ice cream are the main ingredients to create this amazing peach pie. Take note that its process is simple too. You will only need a few minutes to combined all the ingredients and just an hour or two to put and set up inside the refrigerator before serving your kids. What are you waiting for? Make a creamy and delicious peach pie for your little ones.

10. Jello pool

From the name itself, the jello pool is the best dessert during summer or your pool party moments. A pool of teddy bears can make your kids giggle and increase the excitement of eating this treat. It is an easy recipe without needing to make yourself suffer over a stove while your family is enjoying themselves in the pool. I bet, kids are not the only one in love with teddy bears floating around the jello pool, you are on the list too.

11. Marshmallow Pinwheels

This kid-friendly homemade jello recipes for kids requires three basic ingredients only. It is made up of jello, water, and marshmallow. This is a mixture of sweet marshmallow melted in jello, chilled in a pan and sliced into pinwheels shape.

12. Shark tank jello

Make your kid’s day more exciting with shark tank jello treat. Just like the teddy bear jello pool, this one is also perfect for a pool or beach party. With its easy steps, you can have your yummy shark tank jello in just a few minutes. Your children will surely have all the fun with this sweet treat.

13. Lego jello

Lego gummy candy makes our list for homemade jello recipes for kids more special. Since kids are in love with lego, making lego jello is not a bad idea. This candy treat is great not until you drop this on the floor and step on them. That can be painful. Also, when we are little kids, we make a mistake of putting real lego on our mouths, thinking it was candy because of its vibrant colors. Well, thanks to this sweet little creation, our favorite lego is now edible gummy candy.

14. Jello roll-ups

Are your kids getting tired of eating your usual jello recipe? Why not take your jello treat to the next level with these jello roll-ups? Guaranteed that your kids will be excited to eat, and they will beg you to create another set again. Try making this as your new specialty now.

15. Strawberry flavored flan jello cake

How cool is this dessert? To tell you honestly, it’s super cool. Imagine three different textures and flavors in one bite? Your kids will surely beg for more. Take note, this 3 in 1 dessert is not complicated to make and doesn’t require any baker expertise. This one is considered as a showstopper treat suited for any occasion. Try this yummy strawberry-flavored flan jello cake with your little ones today.

Mouthwatering jello recipes gathered in one place! Consider creating these mouthwatering homemade jello recipes for kids with your little ones. Since most of the kids are in love with jello, trying the recipes and ideas written above is one of the perfect ways to show your appreciation for them. These jello recipes are not only perfect for your kids but your whole family as well. These desserts are great options for your summer getaway, picnics, and other gatherings. You can serve this as a sweet dish, but it is even better if you make this as your family dessert.

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