Penniless Parenting: The Reality Of Raising Kids When You’re Poor

I’m a single mom and working as a freelance writer. Now it’s my turn to arrange penniless parenting. I’m lucky that I can do whatever I want.

I am very grateful that I can work at home and be with my son because I can not afford to take care of my children.

I’m lucky that this is just a half-day of the handicap program and so actually I’d like to stay with me for most of the day.

The Challenges Of Penniless Parenting

keeping a roof over your head is always priority number 1.

While people are always slipping into low-income areas, rents are rising and owners are not as flexible as they were in the past.

If the day rental is delayed, they basically charge you some kind of late payment and send you a document that threatens to evict you further.

Someone once told me that you should always have at least 1 month of detention in case of an emergency.

Well, it’s not a very simple or affordable option.

Literally, for a family like me who lives outside of a check, theoretically a day off at work might be different than renting or maintaining electricity throughout the day.

This is why keeping a child at home is easier said than done if he is sick. In fact, if they have fever or cold, it may be far complicated, but there are many parents who can not take the child home.

Most companies only allow you a certain number of sick days and holidays per year.

So, in fact, we should be able to stay home with sick children without risking our jobs.

The Expenses Of Penniless Parenting

In fact, one of my best friends about losing her job, she struggled to find the right and proper kindergarten for her 2 kids, luckily she was able to find a safe place for her little one ,but most people don’t have that kind of luck.

So, guilt comes when you’re bankrupt.

We have everything you need for sale.

I was raised poor, too, and I learned to make some deals, but that’s not what I want to teach my 4-year-old son.

I like to dress him up with a nice clot.

Which means I buy all of his clothes at a store like Target and buy everything else for sale.

Shopping as a place of Chi children often have excellent sales and can be dressed in all seasons at once.

It grows so fast that even if I buy them so big, the fabric will look too long.

Good thing we’re alive. But when he was older than all the cowboys, I was too poor to buy a new one.

He needed a new jacket and I got a stressful situation because it was half of the first bill.

I had to ask a friend to take me to the store in the rain, but still I did it.

Survival Mode In Penniless Parenting

I’m always surprised when I pay every bill he withdraws for another month.

There are many cases where some bills don’t pay me on time if I know I can wait little long days.

My credit went with the wind that Quebec was a bill that just had to leave time.

I don’t turn on the light until it’s dark to keep power.

My son definitely knows that there is no fire in the room and we went back to turning off the lights.

We went through this for a few weeks and were able to save money in the General Assembly account until the cold weather made me warm up.

Without a penny in your pocket can be difficult.

Must-Know Facts About Penniless Parenting

If I didn’t get the food advantage right away, I struggled to be the center.

Some people usually think that families who get this kind of benefits are destroying the system by sitting at home watching big screen TV and talking about the latest iPhones.

This is different most of us take advantage of the system we have set up for ourselves as working people. We are also currently paying.

The reason they exist, and to get these benefits, you must be able to prove that you have or have worked.、

If you’re a poor father, you don’t take money for granted.

It’s a blessing that we can sometimes take Uber as we eat five stars if the bus is late.

So an extra $ 10 to get my son to eat fries and ice cream while he plays with McDonald’s.

But since 90% of my wardrobe is older than my son, do I have extra money to buy new clothes? I also made some mistakes.

Can I Buy a New Train For My Son?

Strangely, I know I don’t like to think about life, but I can live with it.

There are lessons you have to take, the sports you want to play, places we strive to visit. I know I usually have something to say, ” no ” or ” maybe next year.

“I don’t like it and I’ll work to give it everything I can, but poverty can challenge penniless pinning getting something easy soon.

If you have the same experience, share your story with us!

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