This phenomenon was recognized in 1945. This phenomenon occurs when twins disappear into the womb after the interruption of binoculars during pregnancy. Other twins, many fruits, placenta or mothers usually consume fruit tissue. This gives the appearance of “disappearing twins”.

How Can We Identify Vanishing Twin Syndrom?

How Can We Identify Vanishing Twin Syndrom ?

Previously, the postpartum placenta examination was used to diagnose the death of one of the twins or multiples before using ultrasound. Today; early sonography is available and accessible; so it can detect the presence of several twins or fetuses in the first half of the year.

Ultrasound monitoring can detect the “disappearance” of a double explosion, for example, women may have an ultrasound at 6 or 7 weeks of pregnancy. When the woman returns for the next visit; Doppler allows you to hear only the heartbeat.

A second ultrasound will be done and only one fetus will be concentrated. In addition, some women have symptoms that may indicate an abortion, even if only one child can be seen on ultrasound.

Absent twin syndrome was diagnosed several times after using ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy. Approximate calculations show that double absorption occurs in 21-30% of multiple pregnancies.

Vanishing Twin Syndrom: Causes

The cause of the disappearance of the twin syndrome is unknown. Disappearing twins seem to be present from the beginning of development, not a sudden beginning.

Research and analysis of the tissues of the placenta and / or fetus repeatedly demonstrate the threat of disappearance of chromosomal abnormalities, but the surviving twin, as a rule, good health. The reason may be the wrong transplantation of the umbilical cord.

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The Effects Of Vanishing Twin Syndrom On The Mother And The Surviving Twin

In case the loss happens during the first trimester, neither the surviving fetus nor the mother has any clinical signs or symptoms. The prognosis for twins is typically good, but it is based on what he presented to the death of the other twins.

If twins die in mid-gestation or mid-pregnancy, the risk of fruit increases, and the frequency of cerebral palsy increases.

If the twins die after a wet pregnancy in the duodenal tissue, amniotic fluid, and placental tissue can dissolve. This occurs as a result of flattening the surviving pressure of the surviving twin.

During the delivery process, dead fruits should be identified and identified as fetal compression (well compressed as seen) or papillae (flattened by loss of fluid and loss of most soft tissues). Possible.

The Medical Care For Vanishing Twin Syndrom

There is no special mode for singles and simple twins who are at risk in the first semester. Pregnancy is considered to be at increased risk if the twins survive or the mother does not require treatment, and if the death of the fetus occurs in the middle of pregnancy.

Pregnant women should consult a doctor if they have bleeding, cramps or pelvic pain. Before using ultrasound to determine if A & B can be identified, it is necessary to ensure the absence of a viable fetus.

Women often choose to expect natural miscarriage.

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