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Pregnancy Safety: Taking Bubble Baths While Pregnant, Is it a Yes or No

Pregnant women feel something in common: exhaustion, pain, and sore muscles. Of course, pregnant women can also feel back pain, swollen and achy feet. Similarly, pregnancy is undeniably hard for your body. Even if you are continuously reading and listing tips on how to have a normal pregnancy from different pregnancy books; your body can still hurt especially on your last trimester.

However, there’s actually something that can make you feel relax and help your tired, achy, and sore bodies feel a lot better. The answer is a warm, nice, and relaxing bubble bath. Meanwhile, you may have heard about tales like pregnant women shouldn’t take bubble baths while pregnant. Because of these tales, you might think every now and then how often should you shower while pregnant or is taking a bath at night bad for pregnant women like you. 

There are also tales that tell how birth defects can be caused by hot baths and you should also avoid taking a cold water bath during pregnancy. This may lead you to look for pregnancy-safe bath products and learn ways on how to measure bath-water temperature while pregnant.  It may be somehow true but you must not think twice on taking a lavender bubble bath while pregnant. You just have to monitor and give yourself the right temperature bath in Celcius to be safe. Women shouldn’t limit themselves from having bubble baths while pregnant.

Is it a yes or no for bubble baths?

Actually, bubble baths while pregnant can really make you feel relax and at ease. Despite those body aches, bubble baths can feel you a lot like what heaven feels like. Pregnant women are admitted that it is really difficult to find comfort for their final trimester so they have tried bubble baths while pregnant and they proved that it is a lot enjoyable especially floating weightlessly in a warm bath. 

A pregnant woman shared her experience about her pregnancy and how bubble baths made her feel a lot comfortable. During her first pregnancy, she quoted it as “miserable”. During that time, she had the idea of soaking in a warm bath when it was 110 degrees outside. It wasn’t actually pleasing and it was necessary for her to get some relief for her body. Before doing it, she asked for the opinion of her friend and this friend said she will cook the baby. There is some questionable information about floating around bubble baths while pregnant. It is not bad to give your opinion about taking bubble baths or bath bombs while pregnant. However, “cooking the baby” sounds quite insane. Better talk to experts or your doctor for that to have the best bubble bath for your pregnancy

Take note about these things about bubble baths

You don’t have to worry because you can take as many baths as you want while you are pregnant, with or without bubbles. Take 3 or more in a day and enjoy it. There is no reason for a pregnant woman not to take a relaxing bath for her bloated and tired body. However, remember these considerations to take. 

Make sure that the water isn’t too hot

The water you must use for your bath should not be above the normal body temperature. If you take a hotter one, you may risk raising your body temperature and it’s not good for you and your baby. It can cause a drop in your blood pressure, dizziness and weakness or birth defects, especially in your first trimester. Keep the water for bathing reasonably warm and soak for around 10 minutes only. 

Be careful about adding bath oils 

Just be careful about using bath oils if you want to turn your bath into a nice, relaxing aromatherapy session. Be careful about anything like bath salts that can make your bathtub silky. You are a fall hazard and your center of gravity is way off. As Michelle Ornstein said, bath salts have dead sea salts that have high mineral content that can heat water past the safe temperature for you. 

Go on, pregnant women! Remember to lower yourself carefully into your warm bath. Let your muscle pains and swollen bodies go away. Water can’t get into your vagina and cook your baby for he is fully protected. Warm, bathwater can’t get it so light some candles, play soft music if you want, and relax for on your 10-minute bath. 

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