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Pregnant Women: Should I Avoid Cats During Pregnancy?

You have ever heard that felines and pregnant ladies never blend; rest guaranteed that the individual who revealed to you this was absolutely off-base. Should you avoid cats during pregnancy?

While the facts confirm that you have to set up some security techniques; there is no motivation to dispose of your felines during pregnancy.

Notwithstanding being immaterial; raising a dearest pet because of pregnancy would disturb everybody’s embroiled.

What Is Toxoplasmosis?

The main worry around pregnancy and felines is the malady of toxoplasmosis. The cause is the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

Toxoplasmosis in cats is seldom a serious issue.

In a sound planned; enormous/grown-up felines now and then demonstrate no side effects by any means; however potential signs incorporate eye anomalies; fever, loose bowels, trouble relaxing, jaundice and neurologic abnormalities.

Cats who carry Toxoplasma gondii is able to infect it to people. Toxoplasma gondiiis a zoonotic parasite.

On the off chance that you get elective by this parasite just because during pregnancy; a lady could presumably lose or either bring forth a kid with birth surrenders. 

While this sounds terrible; in fact, you are more likely to catch the disease from undercooked meat than from your cat.

This is valid if your feline lives in every case inside since felines get the parasite from eating tainted sustenance outside.

On the off chance that a lady has officially experienced parasite before; get to it again while you are pregnant, won’t be really a major issue.

Ladies can get a test for an introduction toward the start of their pregnancy to realize how cautious they should be.

Indeed, even with negative outcomes, there is no compelling reason to maintain a strategic distance from felines.

All you have to do during pregnancy is to avoid potential risk to decrease the odds of contamination.

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Precautions Pregnant Women Should Take Around Cats:

If cats eat infected prey they become carriers of the disease; thus to protect yourself during the pregnancy period is to keep your cat indoors.

In the event that you set up any meat for yourself or for your feline; guarantee it is completely cooked.

It is most secure and better to offer your feline commercial cat food “not crude” for the time of your pregnancy.

Avoiding the cat litter box is additionally a decent method to forestall the sickness since the parasite is spread from felines to individuals through feline excrement.

In the event that you live with somebody; request that they assume on the liability of cleaning the cat place.

On the off chance that it isn’t feasible for another person to take this obligation; think about the accompanying:

  • Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes:

In the event that you and your pet become acclimated to a self-cleaning litter box, you may never need to return.

More current structures are considerably better. The Scoop-Free Ultra self-cleaning litter box; for instance, has wellbeing sensors so the cleaning cycle won’t be started until 20 minutes after your feline has left the crate.

On the off chance that your feline is especially alarmed by the sudden commotions those containers once in a while make; attempt different choices.

There are boxes made to limit commotion and moving parts for felines who don’t care for boisterous clamors.


Remember, that with most self-cleaning litter boxes; you will at present need to dispose of the litter plate and the waste that gathers in the secured compartment; and furthermore clean within the container.

On the off chance that you are stressed over discarding the waste and cleaning the case; search for an item that cleans great.

This case scoops; condenses and flushes the feline waste naturally.

  • Fragrance-Free/Bunching Litter:

In the event that your feline stubbornly adheres to self-cleaning boxes; know about the feline litter you pick.

Pick a feline litter that is less inclined to stall out to your cat’s paws.

You will likewise need an odor control feline litter that anticipate dust.

There are choices like Boxiecat additional quality fragrance-free premium clustering earth feline litter also; BoxiePro Deep Clean aroma free probiotic bunching feline litter.

They are both perfect for this reason.

  • Scoop The Litter Box After Each Utilization: 

Toxoplasma parasites are not irresistible until at any rate 24 hours after they are shed in the cat’s defecation.

By scooping the litter box after each utilization, or if nothing else one-time multi-day; you can decrease the probabilities of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite during pregnancy.

  • Systems Of Cat Litter Disposal: 

Anything that successfully and rapidly contains the chaos from your litter box is endorsed.

On the off chance that you have different pets or youthful children in your home; you might need to pick a cat litter box enclosure system with childproof bolts on the cover.

The LitterChamp premium scent-free feline litter waste transfer system is one such alternative.

By using those cat supplies; ladies can securely be pregnant with felines in a similar family.

Pregnant ladies and feline litter may not go inseparably, however on the off chance that you avoid potential risk; there is no important to re-home your catlike sidekick.

In a Sum-Up

If you are concerned you may have been exposed to toxoplasmosis; ask your doctor about taking a blood test to discover whether you are immune to this serious disease.

If you have been around cats for a long time; you probably have already had toxoplasmosis.

However, if that is the case; you have nothing to worry about: You will not get it again; and your fetus will not be into risk.

Hope this article helped you! if you have any questions or feedback do not hesitate to mention them in the comment section below; we will be delighted to walk with you along the way!

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