Protecting your child from cigarette smoke is one of the best things you can do to lead your child to a good start. It could be pretty tough to quit smoking, however, it is never too late to stop it.

Cigarettes could resist the flow of the essential oxygen that should be supplied to your baby. And that results in having their heart beating harder every single time you smoke.

Smoking’s Effect On Your Unborn Baby

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy

after you stop smoking, your health and your fetus will be thankful. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals also leave the body.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking

  • You will decrease the risk of issues in pregnancy and birth.
  • You probably have a healthy pregnancy and possibly a healthy Baby.
  • Decreasing the risk of still-birth.
  • Your Baby is usually not born earlier and should cope with additional respiratory, diet and health problems, which are often premature.
  • Your baby is less susceptible to be born underweight as babies of women who smoke are on the average about 200g lighter than other babies, which could actually be the reason behind the problems you’re facing during and after labor.

To reduce the risk of sudden infant death, therefore a sudden child death. Quitting smoking now will as well help you out with your baby later in life. Kids whose parents smoke are more prone to suffer from asthma and even other serious illnesses that could need hospital treatment. 

Passive Smoking Hurts Your Child

Secondhand Smoke Harms Your Baby

in case your partner is around and smoking you need to hurry and quit that area where smoke is in the air. smoke inhalation can cause many defects that directly affect your fetus and it causes serious brain damages.

Secondhand smoke inhaling can as well decrease the baby’s birth weight and heighten the risk of cot death.

parents who smoke around their babies are more likely to be affected by bronchitis or pneumonia.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

So basically, you could use NRT during pregnancy if it will aid you in stopping smoking, and you’re not able to live without it.

Not being encouraged to stop medication such as Champix or Zyban during containing to quit smoking.

NRT contains only nicotine and no harmful chemicals contained in tobacco. It aids you by giving you the nicotine you could have had from a regular cigarette. 

You Can Find NRT As :

– Patches.
– Nasal spray.
– Mouth spray.
– Oral strips.
– Micro-tabs
– Lozenges.
– Gum.

 If you suffer from Nausea or vomiting in connection with pregnancy, it may be a good idea to cure this.

NRT brands should not be used for more than 16 hours within 24 hours. The best way to do this is to remove the patch before going to bed.

Before using these nicotine-based products, please contact your midwife or pharmacist.

With this expert advice, you can, therefore, ensure that you give your best for your child and that it is absolutely the Best for you.

Professional support from a qualified consultant thus doubles the likelihood of a successful denial of smoking.

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Liquorice Flavoured Nicotine Products

Liquorice Flavoured Nicotine Products

Pregnant women are recommended to not drink licorice-flavored nicotine products.

Although no risk is known for a small amount of licorice flavor, the manufacturer advises cautiously.

This warning is based on data on the harmful effects associated with abundant licorice roots.

However, you will find that other flavors are available and pregnant women are being urged to find alternatives such as fruit and breath mints.

E-cigarettes In Pregnancy

E-cigarettes In Pregnancy

Electronic cigarettes can inhale nicotine with steam instead of smoking. These cigarettes feed nicotine a lot of harmful chemicals. However, nicotine alone does relatively little harm. Electronic cigarettes produce no tar and no carbon monoxide, the two main toxins of tobacco smoke. Carbon monoxide is particularly harmful to the baby’s development.

The vapor from an e-cigarette has some of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, thus, just at a much lower level.

E-cigarettes are quite new and there are though some things we don’t know.

Therefore, today, the evidence on e-cigarettes shows that they are much less risky than actual smoking. However, unlike NRT, such as stamps and gums, electronic cigarettes cannot be used with NHS recipes. If you want to use electronic cigarettes, you can always get free help from experts, if you leave a Smoking Advisor.

NHS Smoke-Free Support Services


The smoke-free NHS-Hotline provides free help, support, and tips for Smoking cessation. You can also provide detailed information about your Regional Support Service.

If you want to find the nearest national health service to stop Smoking, please contact :

  • Your midwife.
  • A practice nurse.
  • A pharmacist.
  • A health advisor.

With the NHS smoking cessation service, individuals and groups can hold meetings with well-trained smoking cessation advisers and even hire a non-smoking professional during pregnancy.

It also includes tips for dealing with stress, weight gain, preservation and use of nicotine replacement therapies, as well as tips for the demand-oriented handling of the Request.

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