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Ramen Noodles is Safe to Eat While Pregnant

Quick, easy, affordable and yummy, how can we not love Ramen Noodles? It is very enticing to eat Ramen noodles. In fact, a lot of people around the world are enjoying this food even pregnant women love it. However, it is a special time to be careful with what you eat when you are carrying a child in your tummy. And yet, pregnancy is overwhelming. When we talk about pregnancy and the worst-case scenarios that every pregnant woman experiences such as vomiting and dizziness, there is always something to do fun, and the number one thing is to eat. Yes, when you are pregnant, you must never ignore your cravings.

Most Asian people really enjoyed eating noodles even though they know it might not be the best food choice out there. Even in some other countries, Ramen for them is the best. But what happens when a woman is carrying a baby? Is it safe to eat processed foods such as Ramen? This article will raise awareness for pregnant women when it comes to eating their favorite Ramen.

Ramen noodles – why is it liked by many?

Thes noodles are a kind of noodle that is instant and loved by many people around the world. This noodle is popular as it came from the country of Japan and it is so easy to prepare. It’s cheap and only requires a minute to prepare. That is why this noodle is bestselling to people who are on a budget or always in a hurry.

Ramen noodles may be appropriate for busy people nowadays, but there’s always confusion as to whether it is beneficial to our health or not. However, all foods that we eat may be dangerous to our health as well if we eat a lot. Ramen noodles might even be dangerous too. Just remember to eat moderately and watching your diet is important.

Is it harmless for pregnant women?

The moment you find out that you are pregnant, everything is a big deal to you and everything starts to matter. From the moment you got up of a bed in the morning, to the time you spend in front of your laptops or cellular phones, and the amount of food you eat, everything goes through inquiry and you know that it is right.

Of course, it is safe to eat Ramen noodles when you are pregnant. However, do not eat too much. The noodle is full of preservatives, salt, and fats which can actually affect the development of your baby. If you really wanted to eat Ramen noodles, consider this guide before you eat:

  • If you are really craving for it, make sure there is no extra salt added
  • Put a lot of vegetables to make it more nutritious
  • Just like food tasting, it’s better to eat a little
  • Ask your doctor’s advice before eating

Health benefits of ramen noodles to pregnant women

Eating Ramen noodles during pregnancy is not only quick and easy, but it also has some health benefits. Here are some common benefits that everyone must know when eating Ramen:

  • A Good Source of Protein

Pregnant women really need proteins to restore and build body tissues, and to double-check the movement and growth of the child inside the womb. Proteins also maintain good health. Protein content in the noodles makes you feel full right away. In result, you only eat a little of it just to satisfy your craving and getting what you want to eat.

  • Proper Food Digestion

It is very gentle to the stomach when we eat noodles. It actually helps digest food appropriately. Noodles also contain an amount of fiber that helps support smooth digestion to pregnant women. It also helps normalize cholesterol levels.

  • Avoids Anemia

Ramen noodles comprise good amount of iron. About eight percent of iron will be given to our body when eat even just one serving of noodles. Iron is important during pregnancy to make sure the proper flow of oxygen through your body cells and the health of your unborn child.

Side effects of eating ramen noodles during pregnancy

Eating your favorite Ramen could be very satisfying, but do you know what happens if pregnant women consume too much? Below are some common side effects of eating Ramen noodles too much:

  • Raise of Bad Cholesterol

Too much consumption of Ramen noodles can actually raise the bad cholesterol of a pregnant woman. Pregnant women may also be prone to any heart diseases if not noticed or monitored.

  • Risk of High Blood Pressure

The proper restriction must be observed when eating Ramen noodles for it increases the risk of High Blood pressure. Take care of your health and the life inside you. Always remember that your health condition could actually affect your baby’s health.

  • Low in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Urinary Tract Infection

Noodles and their soup must be very salty. If you are a soup lover, always make sure to make sure the soup you eat is not that salty. Just drink a lot of water every after eating salty foods such as Ramen noodles.

All the foods that we eat, even if we think of it as very delicious already it entails side effects to our bodies. Anything that is too much is bad. We all know that. Even vitamins and medicines we take would make an impact on our bodies. It’s a matter of discipline and awareness.

Final words

Noodles, such as Ramen Noodles are the top priority kind of food for people all over the world. Whether be it kids, teenagers, working adults or retirees, and even pregnant women, they tend to eat noodles because, for them, it is not just delicious and tasty, but it is also quick and cheap. But when you are pregnant, there are so many things that need to be considered.

Feeding your unborn child after you eat that bowl of Ramen noodles has good and bad side effects. In the end, a proper and balanced diet must be observed most especially when you are pregnant. Always remember that at the end of the day, noodles are considered as unhealthy just like junks and must be avoided for your health and the baby inside you.

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