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Remembering Jesus’: Birth 25 Nativity Sets for Kids

Remembering Jesus’: Birth 25 Nativity Sets for Kids

One of the effective ways of teaching kids about something is through toys. And kids love toys.  They might be thinking that they are just playing, but it is a subtle way of making them learn. This is why educational toys abound to serve the purpose of not just making kids enjoy but teach them as well. 

Different toy sets are available in the market. Making scenarios through different toy pieces is a fun way for kids to learn. In remembering one of the most notable scenes in the Bible, nativity sets can be a symbolic and effective way to teach kids about the birth of Jesus Christ. More than just a display in living rooms, these 25 nativity sets for kids contain movable pieces that kids can play with while recreating the memorable scene. 

Some points to consider

Take note that not all nativity sets are applicable to all kids of all ages, especially among babies and toddlers. Be wary of choking hazards and consider your kids’ ages in choosing nativity sets for them. As a guide, toy pieces for toddlers and babies should not be smaller than 4cm by 6cm. Be sure that it is also made of unbreakable materials without sharp edges to avoid dangers. Choose those that are made from non-toxic materials and be sure to disinfect them since kids may put them in their mouths. Let all be kids be watched by an adult while playing.

Nativity sets for kids

Fisher-Price Little People a Christmas Story

This children’s nativity set from Fisher-Price include 12 figures including Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, angel, three wise men, donkeys, camel, sheep, and cow. Aside from the stable, it also has 2 stone walls with palm trees, donkey cart, and hay bale. The stars light up and the music “Away in the Manger” plays. This requires 3 AA batteries that are not included in the package. Available in brown, blue and green. 

Bible Toys Tales of Glory Nativity Set For Kids

This 17-piece playset is made of durable PVC and suitable not only at homes but as Sunday school teaching supplement as well. Aside from the mini-storybook, it has a talking Mary figure to help create different scenes about Jesus’ birth. This is an ideal holiday gift that is recommended for kids ages 3 and older. Three LR41 1.5v batteries included.

PLAYMOBIL Nativity Stable With Manger Set

This set is composed of five figures which can bend, sit, stand or turn their hands. Also, there are lanterns, stable, lamb, palm tree, haystack, shooting star and bonfire. The lantern provides lighting to set the scene.

Talicor Plush Nativity 4-Piece Play Set

The manger with the handle serves as the storage of all the pieces. Great for Sunday school. 

Melissas& Doug Classic Wooden Christmas Nativity Set

This set includes durable and easy to assemble stable and 11 wooden figures. It also contains a retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth and recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Precious Moments Nativity Figurine Set 

This is an 11-piece set is made of fine bisque porcelain and cold cast resin and is handpainted. Approximate size: 7.75” x 9” x 7”

Outdoor wooden nativity set

Send the message in your garden through this colored, 12-piece nativity set figures. It is made from fade-resistant PVC that is designed to withstand rain, snow, sunlight, and winds. It is easy to assemble with just the use of a hammer and can be stored easily. The scene measures about 13 feet by 44 inches when assembled.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set

This playset includes 10 little people and 6 animal figures. It is perfect for kids’ little hands and can provide a hands-on and imaginative nativity story play

Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set

This modern nativity set is composed of 315 pieces and is recommended for older kids 9 and above. Kids can watch as their nativity set is assembled using building blocks that are fully compatible and interchangeable. It can be built in an hour

Miniature Kids Nativity Scene with Creche

This is composed of 12 rearrangeable human and animal figures that are made of resin stone. These measures about 4 x 6 inches.

Royster’s Wooden Nativity Play Set For Children

In addition to the 8 little people, figures are a donkey, sheep, and a cute stable. These are all made of high-grade wood free of rough and sharp edges and uses kid-friendly paint. These figures can provide hands-on learning about the season of Advent. The pieces can help kids with their hand-eye coordination, hand and finger strength, and memory while encouraging creativity while playing.

Nativity Playset For Children

The pieces of this set are made of child-safe and durable PVC fir for little kids’ hands. It also comes with a board book with simple, lyrical text and beautiful artwork to show the beauty of the story of the birth of Jesus.

Safari Ltd. Nativity Super TOOB 

The 13 figures are larger with sizes ranging from 1.27 to 3.75 inches long and are made from safe and BPA free materials. 

Browse for more nativity sets for kids you can purchase through online stores like Amazon

A wrap-up

Make your kids learn as they enjoy while playing. These creative 25 nativity sets for kids can give them an idea about the Biblical story on how and where Jesus Christ was born. Buiding these nativity scenes can also serve as your bonding moments during the long holidays.

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