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Rexall Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

Rexall Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

A lot of women all over the world are trying to conceive a child, whether it is their first time or not. And to know if they are pregnant or not, they need to use the best pregnancy test out there. Some of these women perform the best early pregnancy test before the missed period. Of course, once you know that you are pregnant, you need to be taking a lot of precautions when it comes to what you are doing to your body. If you happen to be one of the lucky women to receive a positive first response early result in a pregnancy test, you know how exciting it is already. You know when to perform the best pregnancy test for early detection and how it is done. Knowledge about this is very important to avoid any experience of the worst pregnancy test. 

However, there are also women who know how disappointing it can be to get one faint line on a pregnancy test or even tried almost 2 invalid pregnancy tests. That is why in choosing a brand of a pregnancy test, you must equate pregnancy test reviews and read thoroughly the life pregnancy test instructions. It can even be more discouraging when a woman receives a false positive from a brand of pregnancy tests that usually has good reviews! Moreover, there are also women who use pregnancy tests to avoid pregnancy. There are also some women who have attempted the Rexall pregnancy test. It is another clinic guard pregnancy test that is being sold in the market. 

If you are a lady, it can be very disappointing to receive a false-positive result. On the other hand, no matter how great a pregnancy can be, it can also be scary especially for couples who are not prepared yet for this responsibility. This article will discuss a brand of a pregnancy test, the Rexall pregnancy test sensitivity. You are going to discern if this pregnancy test is the best or the worst pregnancy tests on the market. Know about its benefits and use. 

Rexall pregnancy test

Rexall is a known brand for its various reproductive health products. These products are lubricant jellies, ovulation tests, and even pregnancy tests. It is also known that Rexall Pregnancy Test is among their well known best pregnancy tests. The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test was produced and being sold since 1903 in the market, making it the most reliable pregnancy test up to date.

It is a prompt early home pregnancy test to know whether a woman is pregnant or not during a certain menstrual cycle. This pregnancy test will give women who test a positive result within four to five days before the period is due. It means that you no longer have to wait for a missed period to know if you are pregnant. This test can be appealing if you want to find out if you are pregnant as early as possible. This test will make everything good and can be helpful if your doctor plans for you to start or cut any medications that can harm pregnant women. 

Some would say that the Rexall pregnancy test positive after 10 minutes because no matter how reputed be the brand, it is useless after knowing the results passes by. And because of its test results, it has the ability to detect hormones earlier. This kind of pregnancy test really helps women to become healthy as much as possible. This will give women awareness such as eating and avoiding alcohol. 

  • How does it work?

The Rexall Pregnancy Test works by knowing or detecting hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone) pregnancy hormone. When the conception is done, the level of hCG in the urine of a woman increases. It creates the opportunity to find out if the woman is actually pregnant. The Rexall Pregnancy Test has the absorbent tip that contains chemicals that react to certain levels of hCG. 

  • Sensitivity

Pregnancy test sensitivity refers to the amount of hCG pregnancy hormone which in a way, needs to be present in the urine to achieve or get a greater than 50% accuracy rating for known-positive urine samples. Its sensitivity is almost 25 mIU/mL. 

  • What affects accuracy?

The hCG level in a woman’s body starts out to be very small but turns out to be doubled every two or three days after being conceived. If a woman who will test this too soon, she would most likely get a negative result, even if she is really pregnant. 

It gives the answer to most women who asks about the statement that was being stated in the package, “Over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period.” That is why women can expect to get an almost absolutely accurate result on the day of the expected menstruation. 

  • How accurate is the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Rexall Pregnancy Test is a kind of a cassette pregnancy test. It means that the band that detects a pregnancy hormone is located inside a plastic case. If the pregnancy test has no cover, it is prone to contamination from a person’s fingerprints and dust. 

Rexall Pregnancy Test is one of the few pregnancy tests that can detect early pregnancy. The only downside of this brand is that it has a lot of instances of faint results. A faint negative line on Rexall Pregnancy Test is not a detection of pregnancy, because the working of the bodies is different. 

There are women out there that make the pregnancy hormone at a slow pace making it longer to have enough of it. But then, any pregnancy test can detect early pregnancy, it just shows a gradation of the test line’s color. 

Precautions in taking Rexall Pregnancy Test

In every medicine or test we take, we need to be aware of the precautions. Normally, it was stated in the packaging for an easier guide. Take a look at these precautions to be followed before taking it.

Always read the entire instructions or manual in the leaflet that comes with the pregnancy test kit.

  • Don’t dip the strip beyond the allowed slot
  • Read the results within the time slot
  • Always use a clean up for collecting urine 
  • Advisable to have a test early in the morning because the overnight urine gets concentrated 
  • Do not allow the kit to be placed on a dirty surface that has portions that touch the hCG strip

Wrapping up

When it comes to choosing the best pregnancy brands, you need to be very cautious and read the contents thoroughly. Always keep in mind that no matter how reliable a kind of pregnancy test is, it can never surpass a medical examination. Rexall Pregnancy Test sensitivity can be done when you get a suitable appointment with a doctor. After all, we only need an accurate result. If you are not contented with any pregnancy tests, you might as well have it in the hospital for better results. 

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